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Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Life must go on...

On a flu-striken cold winter morning I decided to start writing this. This that am not sure what it is. A blog post, a catalyst to a book or simply a Facebook post for my friends who read.

I woke up feeling like crap. It was already two days since I took a bath. I was woken up by the alarm at 5am. I was then in the middle of a dream, a nightmare of some sort, about which I cannot remember the details anymore but there was some vivid details that passed on into my waking up moments. Details that made me sigh in relief. That it was not real. It was a dream. Not a great one for sure. Or else why should I feel relieved. It was much like an interrupted story though.

Ashvin mumbled something about the bed. I did not understand. These are my usual first few minutes in the morning. I remember when I was working early morning shifts in a newspaper, I used to make eggs and oats before running off to work. Most often, almost everyday, I would drop the egg while transporting it from the fridge to the pan. Early mornings are a bit like that for me. It takes me a while to come back into my body in the complete sense of it.
This month the story about how Pablo adopted us was published in AMOR, A Magazine of the Random. Read the story HERE

Bed what? I asked as I pulled the quilt tightly around my neck. Nothing, he said as he disappeared behind the bathroom door. The bed what, I thought to myself. Yes, I remember. I forgot to tell my help to change the sides. Once in three months, the sides of the mattress needs to be rotated for better comfort. I got the sheets changed just yesterday, I should have got this done too. I will need to tell Daisy to toss the sides. It is heavy to lift by oneself. I will help her do that today.

He pulled out the track pants and jacket from the coat hanger, while Pablo's gasps in anticipation for his first loo break for the day, is audible. It was about time. The dog is so patient. They left the room while I was still under my quilt. I heard Pablo's harness being being strapped on and the leash's metal hook clamping. Now Ashwin was wearing his shoes. The door opened and closed. I strain my ears every time to note every detail even while my eyes are tightly shut. This must be every light sleeper's curse or joy.

The door opened. Meanwhile, I had slept a few more minutes. Those precious few morning minutes in the winter. No matter how brief. Even 10 minutes, is wonderful. Still unwilling to wake up fully, I asked for what the time was. It is going to be 6, the answer came in promptly. Damn! Somebody is going to be late today, I heard myself.

It is damn chilly, you better wear something warm when you take him out later, he said while rushing in for a quick bath. Still under the quilt, I calculated what needs to be done to whip up a breakfast. Dosa batter is there in the fridge and fresh coconut in the freezer. I will need to put the filter to drip the coffee first.

Ashvin was now almost ready, and I was feeling like crap. That is enough. I told myself and leapt into the bath. Took a shower and shampooed my hair. Smeared rasnadi podi (an ayurvedic powder that grand mother used to rub on the crown to not catch cold) on my head and sniffed my hand. No smell! Yet! The darn flu.

Wow! A puzzled partner said. I felt like I noticed his eyes for the first time in many days. He was actually puzzled. I said, sorry I know there is no time but I had to bathe.

As I blow dried my hair, I announced that I feel better after the bath. He agreed, that he too felt better after a bath, during the flu few days back. He said, the old belief that one shouldn't bathe during flu is not really true. After all he is a doctor, he must be right!

There was really no time now. Pablo tailed me to the kitchen. Dosa, chutney and coffee happened as usual. Ashvin asked for one last dosa while craning to catch a glimpse of the clock to say 'I am late'. I agreed, as there was nothing to contest here.

He reminded that I better take rest for one more day to get the flu out of the system completely. And that he will take care of the framing for the new art works that need to be despatched soon.

The hungry dog was now waiting for more dosas. I mixed his chicken with rice and lentils. Topped his bowl with a dosa and slid the bowl under his chin.

Ashvin left for work. 

Pablo and I had our breakfasts. He finished before me. It was time to acknowledge that his bowl was empty. I did that. He rolled over like a baby, to make the most of the pampering hour.

(The writing was interrupted by a friend's call to reschedule the coffee date for the day for later. Now the dog is ready for his second walk and he does that dance nobody can ignore.)

Signing off for now.

Season's greetings.
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<3 nbsp="" p=""><3 br="">PS: So, it is a blog post for now. ;) It is an year later that I have written one here at bluvian, my original blog for random thoughts. :) It is a strange good feeling... like one feels when flu leaves your body! :p<3 3="">

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