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Saturday, 24 December 2016

7 Ways to Make Creati-witty Your Best Friend

This year was phenomenal - mostly they were ups but there were downs too. Life! Would like to share some lessons learnt about 'social triggers' this year.
1. The next time you're faced with feedback that's difficult to handle, remember this - it's not always about you... it's mostly about the other person. Many people don’t realise this. When we face criticism, we slip into questioning our value. We tend to hide our truth and thus limit our potential. Face the music but don't dance to it!
How to stay inspired in your distractions: I never thought I will find a similarity between celtic knots and South Indian kolam drawings. Yes, they do! Now that I put these dots in place... it is a celtic kolam. When something original is born... it is a distraction worth keeping!
2. If you choose to respond to haters, then surprise/kill them with kindness. Nobody can be too rude for too long to people who have their guards on and have mastered how to behave/keep calm. If they choose to completely ostracise you - thank your lucky stars! ;)
3. Reduce your negative interactions with anybody.  When somebody doesn't want a solution or wants to feed on the negative stress - accept the truth. This is how they deal with their feelings of inadequacy and inferiority. Move on. Leave them high and dry! Just like they wish/rant/sing songs about. Keep 3 minutes maximum time-limit to rants. Rise above the negative. Distract and divert attention to something positively exciting. Make creati-witty your best friend.
Keep the fire straight from your soul alive: Why did I paint Bob Marley? Of course it was only childhood nostalgia of listening to his music. But when this work was exhibited it did get a lot of eye balls... to what lies beneath the art. Not just nostalgia but coffee... in this instance.
4. No matter what you do and how well you do it, there will always be someone there to rain on your parade. There is no point yelling and kicking. Handle it like grown ups do. Ignore!

5. Set boundaries.
6. Read outside social feeds and have an opinion. It is important to speak to your mind, even if you may not have a social handle to do so.
7. The best way to silence the destructive criticisers or haters is to do more of what they hate.... cos haters will hate... while doers do!
I always thank my supporters but I would like to extend my gratitude to haters too this time. If not for you, I would have not had a chance to unlock my creati-witty in this direction :)
Thank you for staying amazing, abundant and generous in love and kindness... more power to all... this new year.
Happy holidays! 💖

- B'lu ps: this post is not just for the creative minded but for anybody who wants to know how to stay creative in your day-to-day lives... anybody who wishes to outwit the unnecessary... or focus on the important.

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