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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Spread Your Wings

Sometimes you catch a hobby just like the season's new flu. These days I got one. Bird watching! Literally just that.

My attempt with oil and palette knife to recreate the white-eared bulbul couple who visit me regularly.

Have named them chulbul and babli

I am inspired to fly [sorry not the Icarus way! Science doesn't always fascinate me as much as flight of thoughts do]. I believe that each one of us have our own special wings too [some call it their poison, passion, mojo... but I like the word wings.] I wish each one of us spread our wings and flutter free! Just for once - I urge you - to do a small exercise. 

Turn your neck left - over your shoulders. And now to your right. [Like checking for wings sprouting from your scapula]. No wings? [Oh! I can see gorgeous Victoria Secret models sauntering the ramp with those hot wings! and hear an unlikely background score of the Red Bull ad that claims that drink will give you a pair of... never mind.] Could you turn to each side fully?

Long back when I struggled with severe spondylitis (stiff neck due to long hours by the desk) I did not know/care much about these wings one have. [Yes we all have them!] Creative wings to be precise. [Don't believe me?]

“Courage is the most important of all the virtues because without courage, you can't practice any other virtue consistently.”  ― Maya Angelou  

And how is that possible? To keep courage always? Or be creative always? There is no one answer but we are all born to create [no the word is not procreate!]... it is also called self discovery. Take a deep breathe... [like how Kung Fu Panda does before whipping the hell out of the wind to practice his passion for martial arts.]

That is a cartoon. How does a human do that in real life? 

Right now as am writing an important email I can hear the bird song of the white eared bulbuls in my balcony [I bet they are soon going to build a nest!]. I am distracted into taking a closer look at this curious bird. It preens its wings, shakes, wiggles and does all bird-like things. I wonder how it knows all these birdie stuff? Every day it is just growing up to be more like its own kind without once wasting time in self doubt. A true bulbul knows nothing but to be a true bulbul. How honest are we in our 'being human'? [ok I did not have Salman Khan's brand in my mind though it can be relevant here]. Are we really human-human or some-kind-of-human? Can we do everything a human is designed/meant to do? Like turn the neck to the right and then left... and see turn around to catch a glimpse of the scapula?

Well, I could avoid all the typing and simply say that the intention of this post was to collect my thoughts and stay inspired in the moment but I guess without my bulbuls this process wouldn't have been as much interesting.  

Staying in the moment is courageous, contagious and has only good side effects. It rewires/energises better [than Red Bull for sure!]. It helps rethink and convert the ordinary boring into sweet mundane... thus spinning off/creating a phenomenal moment... a day... and a lifestyle... a greater but slower, blissful one!

Thank you for staying strong :)

PS: Trust me art/yoga/meditation are not for freaks! I don't even want to get there to start describing who are! ;)

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