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Tuesday, 2 June 2015

The Reason We Live

Eddie died during my solo art exhibition in Abu Dhabi this February. The news held me feeling defeated in some sense... of not taking care of her when she must have needed me the most.

Guilt! That word is not explainable. Well life moved on. Everyone moved on. Season's changed. Emotional reasons changed. But she was still sleeping in a corner of my heart and wagging her little tail now and then making me want to shed some more tears.

Nothing and nobody can replace her. And those who want to say 'she was just a dog' can go to hell.

Today I saw a pic of her brother and kennel mate Edda in a random post sister shared. Balance of all sad emotions vanished. He is just as goofy as he is and makes everyone happy staying whoever he is.

My sister's insta post captioned this: When your dog's hairstyle is better than yours

There are some valuable lessons we need to learn from the canines. That of the power of vulnerability. They live on and on just because they truly are who they are. Pure and purely demanding ;) of nothing but love!

Good reminders of lasting good memories filled with a yelp or a purr can make your day more liveable than otherwise. A dog lover would nod in agreement while rest may think this is so bluvian and whatever she means must be making a lot of sense to her! You are allowed your thoughts. Peace!

I thank my sister for sharing this picture. I can truly feel Eda is in a good place... and so must Eddie be too! Feeling alive.

Good night!

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