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Sunday, 28 June 2015

A little bird on my balcony

This was clicked a month back with a lot of adventure. Elbowing my way into that precarious corner behind the slide door that opens to the balcony, I could now fully hide behind the curtain, and get a clear shot. I felt like a wildlife photographer in action catching this bird finally on her nest. I say so because she tested my patience in many ways you wont imagine. This birdie made me think perhaps birds may also have commitment issues.

I felt like a wildlife photographer and a spy rolled into one while catching this bird in my mobile camera

It was the day I came back from vacation that I noticed this bird sitting on a dried out pot on the top of a shelf. Though I was happy to spot her for a minute I thought the girl I paid to water the plants had not done her job well, and that is why the pot dried. Or perhaps the summer just ran in too bright over night that the pot just died naturally despite the previous day's watering. Whatever it was. It was now this bird's new home. I had to be happy!

I was careful not to go anywhere near it. But to my surprise the bird disappeared. I felt bad thinking I may have scared it when I opened the balcony... or when I put clothes outside... or just simply because I did something it did not like. Anyway thoughts changed after a few days of it not coming back... and I was preparing to repot the mess with some new plants. BUT to my shock and surprise it had 2 white shiny eggs!!!

Perplexed. Guilty. Confused. May be it is nature's way... and not a bad omen like I may want to think on a bad day. But why did the bird abandon its own eggs!?

Friends had many explanations:
- those who were mothers consoled and said - it is a mother... it knows and will return
- some guessers said - may be they are bad eggs and the bird knows its not worth wasting its time
- logical ones said - oh it must have laid the eggs when the balcony was closed and then later when you came back it must have abandoned not feeling safe.
- cool ones said - it is ok forget it
- funny ones said - it must be a cuckoo dressed as a pigeon [am sure you know cuckoos are character assassinated by poets and writers as they are known to lay eggs in other bird's nest and leave the eggs to fate]
- those who couldn't understand why there should be a bird or a balcony said - throw the eggs out before it starts rotting and stinking your balcony
- empathetic ones said - keep some grains and water close by so it comes back

I kept some food and water. What will happen to the eggs? I stopped watering plants around that area so if the bird is keeping an eye it can see i mean no harm to her. I wasn't happy to think the bird must have left because I must have encroached its space. And I thought it is my balcony!!

But she did not come back. I started hoping against hope. Can sun's heat hatch eggs?

Days went by and I almost forgot about this and one day spotted the bird again! This was unbelievable. I took careful peeps from behind the curtain now and then and felt very happy now that it was sitting there on its nest. A whole day went by and then I clicked this pic. I made chocolate brownies to celebrate her homecoming.

And then... next day morning she was not there... I was peeping day in and out. Exhausted. Anxious. Imagine a little bird can do this to you in between everything else that a day may demand!

A week passed by waiting for her to come back. I don't know what I was thinking... perhaps this that 'i did not like this irresponsible mother bird'.

Then one day I climbed up the garden stool and took a peep. There were 3 eggs now!!! Wow! For sure now I did not know to feel happy or sad. Why is this bird downloading the eggs in batches? And why is she never sitting on them? What is her problem?

I never peeped again to check if the eggs are happy or rotting. But I will tell you why am suddenly talking about this bird. Now a new bird couple is roaming around inspecting the second shelf just below this pot and am wondering what is their plan... hmm... well nature or whatever this drama is am not giving any shit... and nobody can stop me from watering my plants! I feel liberated already!

Happy Sunday folks! ;)

[PS: I hope to publish the remaining chapters of my novelog '13 Until I Die'. If only am able to gather some more discipline in my life ;). Thanks to readers who wanted to know what happened to it. I am sorry it is taking longer than I expected... even when I was expecting it to take longer than I expect... Yeah! Read that again!! ;)]

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