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Thursday, 26 February 2015

Finally the storm has settled

I have finally reclaimed my balcony seats.

Plein air painting: Abu Dhabi Skyline on a clear day from the corniche
Earlier this week a sandstorm, Mission Impossible-movie-style, enveloped the balcony plants, pebbles, garden chair and the glass railings with a fine cloak of dust. They looked like sculptures in sand. Nature's own art installation that left me wondering how on earth I should clean it.

The dust has settled. The joy of putting back the little basel plant back into its clean green house is like none other.

This is my first post this year. Today is also the last day of my fourth art and poetry solo. This is the week the storm has settled too. May I mention both external and internal. I actually wanted to blog about my dead pet dog Eddie and other things... but then I changed my mind. Its easier to change the mind than many others.

It was helpful to read an article by a dog lover who said... dogs don't die... they sleep in our hearts... and wake up when they feel like and wag their tails ever so now and then... thats when we feel that severe pain... and wish to shed some more tears. Thanks to that kind friend for sending that link.

I may not be a great storyteller yet but I get encouraging feedback. I have noticed there are two kinds of kind people. Those who saw my art better and others who read my writing better. I listen to everyone and thank. In the process I realised I am no more a people pleaser. I can do away with criticism. Because I know I don't own other people's thoughts/assumptions/life/experiences/wisdom/weaknesses/temperament. Surprisingly, this once-over-the-top-friendly-Sagittarius seems to have changed her mind on always being around people. Good for her! ;)

Grandpa Says... is the name of my fourth art & poetry solo. It is on its last day today at The Space Abu Dhabi. It shows 50 of my recent works

Love Tunnel was the first to sell this time. It is my largest work so far... 3 meters wide... I wanted the viewer to actually feel the ambience and travel in thoughts. The buyer said he did. There is nothing more I could ask for!
I try not to explain my works unless the conversation is worth it. We don't live in an era where people seek explanations. Those who seek one are often looking for revalidation of their own assumptions unless it is a part of their profession. I have started enjoying the fact that people whom I meet are what they are... just as I am what I am. And we can live in our worlds whether or not we have common grounds.

Each of us are here to play a part. It is tough job to not judge. Especially oneself. And once we get a hang of forgiving oneself. Everyone else is pardoned too.

Through different activities we act out our various roles... with the help of specific actions. The mother tends. The boy runs. The soldier fights. But that might not be their whole truth. Learning all that takes time.

It wasn't easy for me... though I only had to wait until the storm settled. I am reminded of a recent conversation with a wise soul who said - 'We have to go through fire to know how deep it burns to confront our true natures'. It is for those moments of test that all other lessons we learnt must come handy. I am glad I have wonderful people around me. They are no more only in my imagination.

It feels great to sip coffee in my balcony.

PS: I miss Eddie

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