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Monday, 13 October 2014

Mid-week Madness

That time of the week when you realise you are bang in the middle… in the middle of no where… not really in a desperate position but then it would be wrong to say 'no not there at all'.

I should ideally have eaten my breakfast by now and started with the day's activities. But trust me my pending list is so long that I have once again almost lost clue on what is a priority. Priorities come with a deadline! Those that had to be done now-now is always keeping those that were in pending…back there. Like if I have to go and meet someone… and that is promised... I just do. And then when am back I keep the lost hours for later.

Entertainment has almost become reshaping the to-do list. Also, laughing at self, doing that.

And if caught by surprise by an old friend the chats won't end! Hours lost. Landing me to this hour and day of the week! Pressing me to find an answers asap. Even when I know there is no quick solution!

And this, my friend, for me is always a Tuesday! Creepy coincidence week after week after week. Nobody to blame when life is just what I wanted. But is it all!? I wonder?

That time of the week when I sit looking at 'So far from sunday and so near to Thursday and look at what the hell am doing!?'

The mind I say is a wicked machine. When something is achieved it will always remind you of others that have a sob-face! Like, what about yoga? And your promises to self? And giving up sugar was supposed to happen in August. Or, starting work on the book was scheduled for February!!!

When you shut the world up the mind gets louder. It is that day of the week. Middle-of-no-where and am looking for a quick fix to fix the days activities and am just stuck [knowing there is no quick fix and struggling to find that little something that I know exists… and shall be found!].

That time of the week when I look at the pending mail's with class assignments each of them that I dread to open for they demand at least 2 hours of undivided attention. How can one focus in such a chaos.

Hey, who are you complaining to. You have all the tools. You learnt how to meditate. You know everything. Do all that! Start with forgiveness exercise!

Now? When I have no time.

Yes now! 

Phones off. Taking that break to get the day do its double duty… I can no longer take orders! I mean my mind's. I shall feed it with some peace and later some coffee!?

Ta ;)

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