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Sunday, 23 March 2014

Energy follows intent

This is for a dear friend who is fighting a 'wicked' mother in law. This is for everyone who is fighting [or have given up on] an impossible person in their life. Those scheming liars who get things done the way they wish. In plain and simple words, those people who come uncalled into your lives and you cannot get rid of them no matter what. They can be your 'inquisitive' neighbor, your 'cunning' colleague or that 'irritating' relative. In short, that one person who is such an energy drain!

I suggested energy healing techniques to my friend but she is not fully convinced of the idea or may be am not good at telling it the way it must be told. Most of these alternative methods of healing are looked at with needle-hole views anyway so it is not entirely my lack of skills. I am talking of pranic healing in particular here. Pranic healing is not religious and does not promote God in any form... but speaks of higher spirit/energy and our soul's oneness/connection with it. It is a healing method, found by Master Choa Kok Sui who was born in the Philippines, and is also taught in Dubai [attended by people from various beliefs... from Saudi and Qatar too]. Before pranic healing, I learnt Reiki and Hatha Yoga in India... all of them [alternative healing methods] speak of the need to be one with the soul. Further, all these healing schools also tell that we are all one and connected at an energy perspective. Alright! This may be a little confusing. I was skeptical when I heard all this for the first time but not anymore. Why am I talking about what I know? At the risk of being pompous or boring I must admit that I know what energy can do. And am not sorry about it! Am also pretty convinced that the source to every discomfort as well as healing is within us [that sounds like a quotable quote rip off! Trust me it just came uncalled!]. But lamed being a human who is yet to be as strong as her tutor's wish, I succumb to worries too... but not too often as I would previously. It has saved me a lot of time [also energy to divert to better things].

The whole point of this blog is that I want my friend to know that she can heal any relationship and live a happier life. I want her to know that energy follows 'her own' intents. A silly example here: if I 'think' about being 'late' I will get late. It is same as what Lynda Byron mentions in her Secret Law of Attraction. I wouldn't draw many parallels and divert further form the topic of immediate concern. I don't want to dismiss or interrupt my friend's passionate description of what happened in the past or how damaging and hurtful things 'were' for her. But today she has resigned from making efforts to mend the tie and left all to prayers. Praying in awareness and inner transformation is more powerful, I would say. Ignoring a problem or pretending you are unaffected does not dissipate the issue. It is only human to give up after trying all you could. Laying low is helpful for social sake but then it breeds resentment. Resentment breeds a whole lot of illnesses too.

The energy healing school advises cleansing of thought forms that we generate while we have a certain person in context and then refilling it with what must be ideal. It gives instructions/ways to live happily despite that 'unbelievable' so-and-so around... gives tools to not just coexist but aides you with higher understanding of the potential of our thoughts. It repeats that the only solution or way to heal is through love. Love that does not let you lose yourself. As easy as that line sounds, it is not so. Generating happiness within and retaining love in this format takes a while. Transferring this energy to every moment is the ultimate goal of every energy healing student/practitioner. Mine too. Lets see!

But how can you love your enemy? Will each one of us then not become Buddha?

The point is that the suffering needs to end. And can! When the suffering ends what happens? Love? Ideally yes. It is a reverse psychology action plan that the sufferer has to follow for relief. You plant the seed of love within yourself and honestly nurture it through meditations and character building in thoughts/actions... which will eventually not only eliminate that 'wicked' person but help you lose those 'wicked thoughts' that loomed around when you thought about the person. Sounds funny right? Actually it is not funny but damn difficult... these things called meditations. It takes a lot of discipline, sore seat and legs, confused days, reading, talking, mind chattering...and all that it takes for a new routine/habit... to finally overcome the starting trouble and sit still. From where you merely begin the change! [Sigh!] It is very beneficial and hence addictive. Like every precious thing that costs something else... it demands the whole of you. And in full sincerity... for your own good!

Ok here is another way to explaining/eliminating thought forms. The therapy begins like this. Imagine the person who gives you a tough time. Determine whether this is a person whom you want in your life or want to get rid of [not literally!]. If it is a family member you have to somehow confront this person as long as you both are alive [or meet later on in other lives if you don't resolve issues this life. Crazy, right?] But then how do you heal a relationship where the other person is 'unbelievable' as you know!

Remove the 'unbelievable' thoughts and instruct them to disintegrate, remember energy follows intent and that must be believed. Now fill this thought void with unbelievable greater/positive thoughts for this so-and-so 'horrible' person. Not just that. You need to also 'bless' this unbelievable person. And be 'grateful' for coming into your life [that has helped burn your own negative karma]. Not easy right!? But this works!

Each thought is 'readable' and is researched about in great detail. Each thought, like each syllable carries a frequency.... like signals that a radio can catch. The soul is the radio here that reads it [and also records it]... and plays a tune in accordance to that you/they want to hear. Get me? When you change the frequency [the thought] you send and receive [messages/feelings] accordingly. The music changes to what your heart beats for [or vice versa]!

Why is it important that I have to endure this new understanding? Cant I just resign to my fate and never think of her at all? Asks my friend. All I can think for an answer is that if you had to, you would have never come to me. As I am aware [of you, the energy learning, our souls] I will never support silent endurance. Nobody needs to suffer anything or anyone. It is just a bad habit. We just need to rewire our thinking.

Because... energy follows intent. Let us send happy energy to each and every person we know... and thus clean up those horrible thought forms that make us sick unnecessarily.

PS: Soon after this call, in a chat with mom, she mentioned yet again how bad her toothache was. She has been complaining of it since months and no dentist has been able to fix it for good. I asked her if I she needs a healing. She couldn't say no, but said 'I already took the medicine and was going to nap, so it is ok, if you want to heal go ahead.' Thankfully to your blood-relatives you don't need their consent to heal. I hope mom is feeling better now... I think she is, because she has been talking excitedly about everything else. Sometimes absence of an issue is the only hint.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Think of the Devil and...

True they say that energy follows thought or intent. Else how would have all of them found me one fine day almost 18 long years later. This cannot be just an eerie coincidence. 

Recently I counseled a tenth standard student. She was worried of the fast approaching board exams and I could immediately relate to her thoughts. We chatted for just a few minutes but I thought for hours after that on my own 10th grade. Rolled back in times to my high school. Days when I was good and bad in studies. How abruptly my high-school friends circle had withered out in no time. I thought of each one of them. The cool ones, the cold ones and everyone else in between. 

Beep! I get a notification on facebook. It is that forgotten farewell-day pic an old friend's friend's friend had posted. Surprisingly I could remember most of my class mates. I had clear memory of the farewell day. The first time I wore a saree. That blue kancheevaram silk. The gawky teenager that I was (and continued to be long after teens rolled off). 

I 'liked' the picture. And in rained friends requests from all of them. I felt overwhelmed to be back in the first batch of class 10th of Ryan International School in Delhi. I was in that school just for that one year but have many fond memories despite the odds. I remembered the school's weird norm of a statue bell where you stood still like a statue before resuming to class after recess period. And it was a moment of opportunity to dramatise your act of falling, eating, anything else you fancied. It was a school where nobody knew me but I did not like anonymity so much. But that was exactly what my mother wanted for me. 

Not sure if you know what that means for a teenager who had an active life in sports and cultural activities previously. Well it is like working in India for many years in a very good profile and being offered an intern level job in the Gulf in a totally different field. Well almost that sort of thing. A new comer is a new comer. Anywhere. You need to prove your prowess. And when you are stuck in a highly demanding academic year you can't do much about being an artist or a javelin champion. Can you? I hope you get what I mean. 

I also had a unique stress to deal with. In my previous school among languages I had to learn an easy-scorer Sanskrit and very little Hindi. But here I had a tougher version of the curricula with many Hindi texts to cram. A brand new tough subject to learn and the lack of recognition despite a small, home-like classroom made me go down in spirit and of course grades. On the mark sheet I had the maximum scores in English, rest were non-mentionables. I remember the school's career counselors last words - she is a fish let her swim while monkeys climb the trees. But I was monkeying around in the science stream before I took the final plunge to creative freedom.

I sighed out of the 10th grade mode and got distracted into other notifications.

Now back to energy following thoughts. After adding many new, actually old friends to my list I thought of few new friends who withered away into busy lives just like I did. Just then one pinged! 'Hello madam where are you hiding?' Eyes swept across the screen to check if am showing online. I was.

Sometimes it is just enough that you have your certain thoughts to make you go crazy. Thank god for the smile icons. They are life savers. They pull your thoughts up and direct them to head else where too. 

As I write this I must mention that I am fully aware of what thoughts can do, thanks to energy healing classes that were completed recently. They have made me aware how each thought can manifest into a physical reality.

Will it freak you to know that this write-up can actually energize you to think better?

Sending you warm regards and meaning it.