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Friday, 30 August 2013

fridge-free, alive and kicking

exactly one month after my last post, today, i was hunting for some good change to refresh my head before i got on with some more of those pending chores. my to-do list is just getting massive and for a change it doesn't scare the shit out of me cos they are all what i wish to do and align me with my mission to bring about 'that' change [which has already begun on the right note].

[btw remember you are reading a seasoned saggi's ancient blog, it is time you got used to her pompous accolades than worry about the extra two mins lost reading this not-so-great post.]

the most important change at my end is nothing but a new life style. you can safely call it a fridge-free one.

to stretch back and touch stone age doesn't take much even while you may be in dubai - living a normal ac and fridge life. do this for me. just try living without your fridge for a month please. you will automatically blog about it. [or at least post something interesting to your fb status post even if you are one of those who read others' and go why does he/she have to report every sneeze and f*** to the public?]

i have just completed 4 months w/o the fridge and trust me life and my routine has changed [beyond recognition ;)]. i have no choice but eat fresher food. initially i was eating out a lot but soon i got used to the routine of picking my fav veggie for the meal and chopping it up and making a bowl full of it. when i got bored of the stir fries, i switched to soups [or sometimes dialed the nearest pizza joint ;)].

this change has also cut the non-vegetarian foods out of my diet almost completely. not to mention the sauces, pickles and other preserved foods that need refrigeration once opened have also disappeared from my life [just the way some sour ties fizzled off for good]. the toughest one was to get off dairy as i love milk any time of the day or night. as adults our bodies accept yoghurt better than milk so that reason got me hooked to mostly yoghurt as any form of dairy. and guess what they are healthier. when emotions peak to brim and fall, logic saves :)

fridge-free life has opened me to newer cooking ideas... also made me free from the hardcore cooking to a large extent. it is only natural that when you prepare something standing for hours in the kitchen, you want it to last a little longer... and u stack em/freeze em for later.

this has resulted in three big changes [other than my reducing waist-line].
1. saved a lot of time for other activities/studies/research
2. more opportunity to socialize/liaise with new networks over a cozy meal - each time a new place!
3. this successful challenge has opened me to adapt to other seemingly-tough-but-good things - like switch to slightly more expensive stevia than other forms of sugar; pick from the organic counter more often as daily shopping makes you pick fewer items and they don't pinch your purse as much as your weekly/trolley-full shopping meant to refill the crisper does. another new at my end is that i have also begun to take daily dose of good supplements from the pharmacy to not fall weak and compensate on nutrients i may be missing out because of my changed dietary habit. [otherwise for a long time i was a fool who dreaded popping anything that looked like a pill/medicine - some deep-rooted conditioning that runs back to childhood memories devoid of any pill or injection... or a poor-eater's meal-time traumas/dramas... or a belief that health comes through right foods and not hospitals/medicines.]

those who believe in 'prana' or life aspects of foods will also agree with me that energy levels increase manifold when you are eating fresh and not stale. fridge only delays staling or further delays it as most foods that reach us are already engineered to stay pepped to keep the 'pick-me-up-look' long after their natural expiry time. [watch '' a bbc documentary if you don't believe me].

as i am still a long way off from having my own farm and producing my food like my healthy ancestors did, the least i can try is this lil experiment. even though i don't know how long i may stay on this other side of life, am much happy to share the fact that it works wonderfully well.

the one big thing i miss is frozen yoghurt - my comfort food on any dull day. but then i have chosen other ways to drive away dullness - like going on a long drive [or go shopping at a big art store :p].

am so glad i cud experiment and continue to pull out every one of those things - that i once thought were impossible. freedom is precious and sweet. it is rewarding, logical and can be environment friendly too. and most of all it satisfies 'that' hunger you never knew existed in the first place - damn satiating i say!

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