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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

the long and short of it...

it has been the longest ever blog-break. why? so many mundane reasons you don't need to know. [ya me too hate that condescending tone. really!]

but i hope it/they change(s). [lol].

sorry it has been damn busy at my end. experimenting with life and times - and redefining purposes from a different angle altogether. [aah! this sounds acceptable. pompous. stupid saggi!]

rolling in on... from a journo to an artist to an art teacher to an art promoter my journey is just as exciting as the next freaking page in a compelling thriller. [very saggi again]

no complaints. some more lessons learnt. and probably i stand wiser [and less tormented than the times when my wisdom tooth broke open my jaws!] [get over saggi-ness wise owl!]

meanwhile... i picked up a few things here and there... [like at a street side vendor's colourful display that distracts you to look at things closely... and then when you squint to read the fine print closely - it reads 'made in china'... and you think twice if you must really buy it... thinking if it must be toxic].

the analogy tends to be longer when am short of words. [silly right?]

few people that i came across distracted me with false faith and their 'holier than thou' everything else. [how negative a thought. damn right they are]. people who promise more than what they can deliver. [ya that condescending tone again. i tell you. it is high time i got over it.] i must remember perhaps am paying through my nose for this. [and the tone stays. ready to sound itself louder even while am trying hard to tuck it away. lol.]

well this blog is much longer than i thought it should have been. the only thing shorter at my end is my new mane. [yeah i did that finally]. free from decades of messy buns. realised there is no point being the rapunzel trapped in her castle.

thank god. now it is only the tone i need to work on. [lol no more. shut the dash up!]

- the end -

*those in the square brackets are monologues [call em myalogues if you wish]