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Thursday, 23 August 2012

sunny moon

please don’t ask me why the post is titled so.

there is no typo.

and of course there is no 'sunny mon' [mon = boy, malayalam slang] in my life… btw i may be wrong but i have noticed that people invent unique names for human beings [and pets alike]. i need to blog about this later for sure.

this post is here because one day the egg decided to fall off from its shell like this! ;)

an abstract sunny-side-up… a moon-shaped egg bull’s-eye to go with the breakfast toast! how did the egg know it was eid that very day?

is it a cool sign of times to come – abstract joys of free/random thoughts. a for abundance. a for art. b for blu and b for blu again.

the month of ramadan is over. trust it was a happy eid for all. for me it was the most amazing month. it was after all my first month of ‘being blu’ = completely free to be as random as bluvian thoughts and actions could get…

i have learnt some things... and would like to revise em along with you [rather shout em out in private - well that is what blogs are meant for anyway]

1. if there is no regime nothing gets done.

2. weekend fascination has not gone any where even though i complete over a month away from the 8 to 6 work schedule. its a happy thought around more freedom - so am keeping it [the feel] as intact as meant to be.

3. creativity and freedom are elusive to most people. accept this... than get worked up on each seemingly irritating question. the truth is that most quiz masters are prisoners [of attitudes - that make em think u r silly and make u think how horrible they are and visa versa].

5. you need to serve and not satisfy these prisoners. including yourself. dont bother finding answers for anyone esle other than yourself... and you need not always share all those grt answers with the whole worried world that cannot comprehend your reasons. this is completely acceptable in the mature world.

6. quality time can only be experienced when you are at peace with yourself – doing nothing in particular. you can also call it mediation.

7. my me-time was found while relaxing during post workout yog-nidra [google to know more abt this… experts elaborate the science of the cause and effect fundas that happen in our body/mind better]

8. point 1 will challenge point 7 but that is the whole challenge that comes along with freedom.

9. peace is not elusive it is just seated deep within – look… keep looking… remind self to look again when lost.

10. cooking great foods must be to share with friends or prepare to look inflated.

11. baking is just an urge you get used to when your first cake comes out bouncing soft-soft.

12. there is nothing absolutely that the hotel chef/patissier can dish up and you cannot – youtube zindabad!

13. btw i have discovered my source of bliss… it is in creating/finding/sharing enjoyable art/food/time… with everyone including family and friends.

14. its amazing to attend to home garden – the green patch kinda grows on you.

15. no house is large enough to keep clean. 30 mins for each corner a day – works very well. this OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) i will keep cos oddly the clutter goes straight into my head - may be because i am claustrophobic.

16. its amazing to know that you can make so many things at home - in your kitchen other than foods – like green cleaning solutions, packs and scrubs… etc.

17. light dinner/skipping late dinner keeps the scales almost in control but not possible if you hit bed late. luckily scales are stable so far. but am worried cos i love this late night reading and consequent fridge raids.

18. the good news is that this time (for the past one month) i have exercised the freedom to change a few pending things about me – like emotionally detaching from attention seekers… who come by to play a game of football with their opinions. this saves a lot of time and energy.

19. freedom is like an untamed horse – it will prance around and keep you entertained even when you may not have the time for it.

20. and nothing like making time while you have no time at all.

PS: this post does not have details on my art event at yas island that happened during this month. updates are there on my facebook open group 'bluart' and more details will soon show on the next post will feature the ongoing novelog ‘13 Until I Die’. thanks for all the feedback... they help a great deal :)

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