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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

beautiful new morning

the though was to hold back all regular blog posts till i completed the decided chapters in the novelog. guess that is not necessary. especially when i have had this beautiful new morning today!

yes absolutely new and amazing. here is how it was.

it's the first morning i have made a wholesome breakfast all for myself and read newspapers while having it... with virgin radio playing in the backdrop. it is really an amazing feeling. simple things hold so much in them. inexplicable!

why have i never made a meal for myself when am all by myself? why did i grab anything from the fridge and have never bothered to cook fresh for myself? while am i all enthused to cook for anyone else who is there for a meal even if i may not be up to it some days? why do i not think i am important enough to be served by me?

have been cooking ever since 2006 when i landed dubai. Before that life was mostly spent in hostels focused on academics and career building... and while at home, during vacations and overfed with home treats, never really bothered to know what was happening at the kitchen's end.

could never understand who much food means to a foodie… before i became one.

the joy of cooking, serving and enjoying all at once - really one of its kind. and am loving it! cautiously though - i want to eat to enjoy the process and not over do the experiment and end up being 'unrecognisable' in my pics ;).

here is welcoming new mornings into my life. i am looking forward to working for myself and serve me well - i mean it!

i already feel a bit like my tail name - some king! ;)

here is my first blog with a pic. i enjoyed steaming fresh puttu (rice cake) with banana; bullseye (sunny side up) and black coffee - in my apartment on a week day. amazing!


Anonymous said...

good life Archis :) nice post.

bluvian said...

tks anonymous :)