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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Want blu hair?

The secret to my long hair is plainly laziness - but no one believes me in Dubai.

'You must be using coconut oil. You guys from Kerala have such nice hair. Even Bengalis have. Is it the rice and fish? [not for me!] Is it in the mustard seeds or the curry leaf? [not really!]'

I haven’t chopped my mane to follow the trends for a long time now. Though I should attend to them a bit more, I am asked by many friends on my hair routine [secrets!]. I did not inherit the good-hair gene from my mother [all my sisters have]. I have them long only cos I am lazy to go and sit in a hair saloon that stinks of hair-care chemicals [I prefer the spas ;)].

Here is what I believe and the little I do when it comes to hair care.

I think oiling regularly is a good habit though it only helps with outer protection. [The hair you have is probably what you save 'from falling';)]. I practice brushing mine only once a day [just before bedtime] - into the washbasin so that I know if the scalp is turning dry or if I am losing more hair [remember 50 follicles lost a day is normal/healthy... more than this means time to take ‘more’ care]. When I spot more than usual hair fall I remind myself to eat more greens [spinach sauted in ghee is good for hair - says grand mother] and supplement nutrients [folic acid and vitamin E tabs - known to help grow thicker hair and better quality nails too]. Its good to follow what I know or remind myself... but then as you know am a bit lazy!

You can use the hair oil recipe that my folks [mother and grandmother] use back home - a mixture of castor oil + coconut oil + olive oil [need to heat 4 spoons of each in a pan with a sprig of curry leaves, few pieces of dry amla/gooseberry, 1tsp of whole black pepper]. Store in a bottle. Use this once in 2-3 days and leave it on for 20 mins and wash it with a mild shampoo [repeat shampoo only the next day if you need to get rid of the excess oil]. The mixture stays/lasts for 2 weeks [for me]. My shampoo comes from India - Khadigram Udyog's Sathritha - it’s a cottage industry product sans chemicals. [You can use organic shampoos by Origins or Loccitanne - they are good and easy to find here]

If you want to try an ayurvedic oil from south India - get one from Kottaykkal Ayurvaidyasala [near Al Rafa Police Station in Bur Dubai] – you can use their ‘Neelibringadi Keram’ – it is dark [doesn’t smell great! and stains your towel as well as pillow case]. I don’t use it [mother does and she has better hair]. If you do buy this oil, also get ‘rasnadi podi’ [a pinch of it] - a powder that you can rub on your crown after bath to avoid catching cold [cos this oil can bring down your body temp, they say]. I use this 'podi' anyway cos I love its earthy scent.

If someone is travelling to/from India [and asking u 'if you need anything from india?'] ask for a can of Biotique’s ‘Bio Root’ – it is a hair mask [priced around 1k INR if I am not wrong] – especially useful for dry scalp. But you don’t need to use it like a mask and finish the can in 2 uses. Just take a tbsp of it and dilute it a bit to help spread better… rub it into scalp once a week [for me weekend] and wash off after 20 mins [save and use longer ;)].

Make sure you have a carbon filter fixed to your bath hand shower [that reminds me that my filter is broken!]. Please! use a cap when you go for a swim [even though water seeps in through the nape of the neck its worth having some protection from the chlorine].

And yes it’s only common sense that poor nutrition together with ac accelerate the loss of moisture from scalp and hair resulting in further hair fall - so take care in Dubai or else where in ac-ied [read harsh] circumstances. [I keep my hair tied up most of the time into a non-glamorous bun to prevent excess drying].

Comb your hair into the washbasin and count them today. Follow the bluvian treatment for a month and comb again to take a recount.

[And do let me know if your hair turns blu!] ;)

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