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Thursday, 7 June 2012

Some colours sing you into doing what you must…

Recently I sent out an important mail with one of my new works [scroll down to see Ra Ra Sakura_29x42cm_acrylic on art paper] to few of my close people that include friends/long-time associates at work/within industry. The mail read like this: [few lines added/deleted/modified as per the bond I share with each important person]

"I wish to inform you ‘formally and personally’ that I have decided to quit the paper and be just blu :)

Looking forward to being a full time artist and a part time independent journalist/blogger. Networking at the moment – exploring my options – and very happy doing that!

July 1 is my last day at Gulf News. It’s my 7th year on duty at GN as I write this email. A bit emotional about leaving my team but happy that I have finally decided to let this happen. I had to.

Thank you so much for being there. If you wish to get in touch with me please send a mail to”

Love and hugs
+971 50 3808699

I sent this out first to my favourite professor from my post graduate days - Ramesh Menon. Menon sir is a popular journalist/columnist and a wonderful person who I turn to when I feel stuck in life/career/both! As always he replied immediately… this time it was an enormously empowering mail that removed all traces of guilt /fear that refused to leave my mind even after gearing up to this over the years.

I wish to share those amazing words [not something that I usually do - i.e. share email content on my blog] here for everyone because he said it really so well.

“That is great! Only the courageous can do something like this. I am glad that you have the guts to do this and I promise you that it will liberate you like nothing you ever experienced before. You will wonder why you never did it before. Being independent is very tough. There is no cheque coming in at the end of the month, your earnings will fall, but you will live life the way no other colleague of yours can and will.

Celebrate your independence and liberty. Do not compare your earnings with your last pay check. You will be very happy if you do this. And ignore what others say about this move as they do not understand that security and money is not everything.

Live life like you want in a few days.”

I feel great to be alive and to have come across some wonderful people like Menon sir who complete, complement and empower my life – that otherwise is a blank canvas [gathering dust at a forsaken corner!].

I thank everyone who has bothered to be kind and wonderful to me. There are few things I feel make our short lives worth the while. Kindness is the first one in that list. I want to be kinder - let's see.

[Something wrong with the net today am unable to upload the painting here... will 'try again later' just like the browser asks me to! Need to be more patient and kind as they say...]

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