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Friday, 4 May 2012

pls miss me, this opportunity is not forever ;)

it is completely unnecessary to spill out everything but it must be difficult for saggis to hold on to trivia for long ;). 700+ mails and messages in less than 24hrs - am i worth this? before rumours make hay i want to clear a few things. am not hiding, or ill or fighting depression/persecution complex or escaping anyone online. or am i doing all this too subconsciously? no idea really.

and no i haven't quit gulf news - my bad - i forgot to switch on 'out of office' auto reply before stepping out  on leave.

first of all i feel extremely humbled to know from my friends, family, sr colleagues and critics, that i make them proud when they read reviews of my new work. to everyone who campaigned for my london event on their walls i really have no words to say that am truly bowled over. am away from my laptop n phone unable to attend/respond as quickly as i usually do. pls consider this update straight from my heart as i thank each one of you personally.

would like to quote linda goodmen as i make some new confessions. she says that saggis cannot hide even if they try to and that limelight doesn't hurt their eyes even if it is blinding cos they don't comprehend a lot of things the way normally people do. i agree.

and being a journalist for a while i have this compulsive habit of bursting bubbles - even if they are my own. it is a bad habit am working on - unlearning my trained head. i dream, i fly, but don't stay afloat in my thoughts or dreams for long cos i love to touch base and stay grounded as well. this troubles my art that needs to be finished within the limited dream time. wear my shoes or hats to know how weird this is. perhaps you don't need to. just read this para again to know how weird it can get when you try and comprehend details.

lot of people ask me what a quadriptych is. it is a single piece of work made with 4 self-standing frames. love tunnel is a quadriptych. yes it is one of the most romantic manmade landscapes in uzbekistan. no its not a 'bluvian' proper noun for a fantasy land. air arabia, i believe, flies to the country's capital. no i haven't been there yet... than in my thoughts while studying the pictures and making my version of this railway track in the woods.

i regret to say that just like during Art Dubai this year, i won't be available in person at the PAF london May chapter too but there will be someone who will help you with details as the organisers are one of the best i have worked with so far.

i do take orders on commission but do not duplicate my originals or those by masters as a matter of policy. thanks much for having gone through my site and have given such wonderful feedback and tips to make it better. a lot more info will show soon. yes i will change the photo on the home page - was retaining it for sentimental value of my first solo in 2005. and thank you for comparing me to van gogh am only hoping he is not turning in his grave.

pls miss me, this opportunity is not forever ;).


Nisha Sanjeev said...

A blu stroke straight from the heart :)

bluvian said...

thanks nisha :)