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Sunday, 8 April 2012

easter booster

there is absolutely no problem in the world that a wonderful baking aroma can't fix. i thought so when i was walking back home from the doctor's today morning. just for record sake. am not ill. but hospitals and their distinct smell doesn't always keep me feeling my best.

last weekend we made a trip to barracuda to replenish the 'stocks'. the resort now has an organic gift shop called 'fine things'. very fine display though the tasting samples were over when we stepped in. as it was snack time i picked a pack of cheese twists that made everyone in the car go mmmm while we drove back. and i told myself i must make this at home.

my mom, the original master chef i grew up with, used to make cheese sticks at home. if i recollect she used just mix flour, butter n egg to make a dough that was flattened [or was it puff pastry? donno!] , cut into ribbons and sprinkled with shredded cheese. i called her up today morning to get a brief on it but as usual we spoke of everything else but what had to be discussed.

anyway in the age of google and youtube, no one is allowed to miss anything or anyone for long! so i found it - the recipe. almost the same ingredients. those mentioned in the back of the organic cheese twist's cover had edam too. i got some of that too from careffour.

between work calls and social greetings i couldn't really stick to the recipe found online. and the oven was already screaming hot. i took the chance and just did what i felt like with the ingredients by mixing them all up and kneading and rolling and cutting.... but to my delight ntn went wrong. i knew that when i got the aroma. i feel alive.

here is the recipe to blu's edam cheese sticks:
mix together a cup of all purpose flour,  1 egg, 1tbsp corn meal, 1/2 cup edam cheese, 1/3 gouda, 1/2 tsp dry oregano, 1/2 tsp freshly crushed pepper, 2 sticks of butter, salt. knead well. roll it out into half an inch disc, cut them out into fingers and place on buttered baking tray. bake for 15 mins till golden brown in pre heated oven.

its yum just as is... or with sm marmalade!

happy easter!

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