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Monday, 2 April 2012

8 hours and counting

have u ever sat for 8 hrs straight? a long flight may be? as my wings are clipped today i sat tight on my seat and got on an imaginary flight to save myself from stale-dom. where did go? no where really. but if you can jot down a travalogue for mental trips then here is one.

ever since my blog is on my website and the site is active i have been a bit hesitant to post a post. but natural, i guess.

persecution complex? nay!

what is it then? it is PERSECUTION COMPLEX in capital letters.

i have been wanting to write about my day without food, water, loo break. it started today at 7.40am... and i keep sitting on as i type out. last meal was previous night at 7.30pm.... so in all 12+8 = 20 hrs of fasting without water!!!

not exciting! just as torturous as it can be.

why did i do it?

to find out how it feels to restrict myself. lock myself up in my desk - literally.

its really sick to be told that you are seen taking a break and that it means that you are probably 'free' or rather a 'time robber'.

very sad association. well let me face it - it was my bad day today when i got told to not leave desk as often.

and i actually wanted to know what it feels to be desk-ed.

terrible is an understatement.

I noticed that i was peaceful. i was not hungry though angry. i was able to do my tasks at hand. it affects no one but me.

and its better to just do your work and go home than worry about the rules and policies in an office - especially if its not your own!

today’s lessons:

1. empty stomach does not mean empty head

2. active mind keeps you peaceful no matter how upset you may be

3. when u mean it do it

4. when u do it mean it

5. stamina is built on endurance

6. unless you try you wont know what is possible out of the impossibles

7. its good to keep office colleagues out of the friends circle

8. its ideal to have friends outside office

9. its great to have your own time and space

10. its good to pray when you are hungry. hope is a good starter ;)


Mini S. Menon said...

Isn't it a whole lot healthier to take criticism with a pinch of salt? People talk, no matter what - fact of life. Why punish yourself for somebody else's shallowness?

bluvian said...

sm lessons are learnt the hard way... no regrets i leanrt many more things for the first time! tks mini for reading the blog and leaving ur comments ;)