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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Excuse the Saggi please!

Just realised that I don’t necessarily need to blog anymore. no that doesn’t mean i am going to delete the blog or stop 'bluvian thoughts from flowing out unedited'. Facebook's status has no word limit... you can write an entire book er well a short story there if you wish to on a leisurely day.

But I will come back here to reflect and document what I was thinking today 'this date, year, place' so that someday I can chance upon this and laugh or feel terrible about how horrible my writing was [and still is] ;)

Ok some updates now.

‘The year has begun good for me' says a friend and I wish she is right though I did not really agree with her out of the compulsive habit of first arguing at everyone who compliments me and then succumbing [only if i did not smell any trace of misplaced pity and was kinder to myself and the kind/bold friend].

This year's firsts so far include - my first ever painting of an animal - my pet Lasha Apso 'Eda' - donated for a charity auction [K9 Puppy Ball] to rescue dogs in the UAE. I know you are not supposed to blow a trumpet when you do acts of kindness but then there is also something called spreading awareness and then I am a Sagittarian – what did you expect?

I am a part of Art Dubai @ Gallery 76 [behind mercato mall] - I have 'Freedom' and 'Untouched' [both oil on canvas and not so bad to be hung on you wall] displayed for sale. The show is on for all this month. Please do not confuse this humble exhibition for its namesake ‘bigger’ and much newer event at Madinat Jumeirah that starts at the end of the week. I haven’t got there as yet but Gallery 76 is the oldest gallery in the Emirate and is well reputed as well as visited by collectors who come for the bigger but newer ‘Art Dubai’ that everyone is talking about. No this is not my backstage entry to Dubai’s art scene. This is the only ‘right’ route to the journey that am embarked on from the time I am born – I guess! [excuse the Saggi please]

'Love Tunnel' my largest work made in the UAE so far [4x3.4feet] is travelling [without me] to the UK to be displayed at the Parallax Art Fair, curated by Dr Chris Barlow [if you google you will be as impressed as I am at the moment about this man and the show]. Love Tunnel is a unique railway track some where in Uzbekistan and is referred to as one of the most romantic manmade landscapes in the world. I have used 4 stretched canvases to make the picture. The philosophy is to stretch the imagination to find and reach the love that is essential for life… and I have defined it once again as ‘freedom to just be’.

Colleagues congratulate me to be able to take out time for my passion/hobby 'something they have not been able to do after coming here'. But I have not been gracefully accepting compliments yet... I always [still] do have another compulsive habit to open up unnecessarily and tell why I don’t need to feel good/flattered! [God! When will you fix me?]. I have been batting off praises saying 'its just something I do to keep sane', 'really this is not something great', ‘I have not evolved from my 9th grade you know’ and 'everyone can/anyone can do it'. Not just these. I sometimes go on to make the commentor's life worse. I try to help him/her find that ‘extra’ time they repeatedly say they don’t have! This is how horrible I can be sometimes [most of the times – utterly saggi!].

The list of firsts this year also include the fact that I got on to a detox diet. I have always been ridiculing people who were on diets and always thought how horribly ‘cosmetic’ they are. Even when 'for the first time' I saw that I am gaining weight I was in denial to jump on a ‘diet’.

Well, some words are eaten back and they taste awful. This is one such bowl of 'foot in the mouth soup' that tastes as horrible as I deserve it.

No salt, sugar, oil or dairy and selective complex carbs to beat insulin resistance. And what on earth is that? - a lot of people ask me.

A unique disease for unique people - I wish I say that but then it’s not as easy because everybody doesn’t Google even if they can. Ok - its just something that can get you [ I mean me] type 2 diabetes if u [I mean me] don’t take care and keep u [me, again] 'overweight-ed' for the rest of your life you [I] just continued to eat 'what you think are normally healthy'. The good news is that I am [not you ;)] 3 kilos lighter... some weight must have also shed from my head – because now I can think a bit clearer. [I can see the sky clearing the fog – the scene outside the window]

So even when I decide that blog are not so important for me [as I am anyway reflecting on a daily basis on my status updates], am quite happy to 'eat my words back', do some nutritious/torturous self evaluation and come back to blogging another time. For all you know I may come back in just a few hours - as bluvian as it can get I say – I confess I have no idea how I have been living with me for so long! [Yes I can hear that ‘poor Deepu’ in chorus… well he deserves it! ;)]