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Monday, 16 January 2012

u r what u eat

in the last few years i have picked up some culinary skills along with how to behave on a table. i started eating food all-knowingly after i started cooking for myself. first nibbling on non-vegetarian food mostly red meat; later enjoyed washing it down with delicious homemade wine from blackcurrants; and now love fried starters and also bake gleaming good desserts. life seems so good, full and bountiful. so do my pictures look. with some bulges here and there... now almost all over. i think!

black was never my colour so i did not hide myself dressed in black to look shrunk. orange was my favourite. 'was' is correct because my new orange is black - not really but almost.

after piling my bed with 'what dress to wear for the party tonight' i eventually stick to something black. because that is what my mirror likes.

i nowadays give in to my mirror mirror on the wall who makes me look prettiest in the black.

now i have 12 black dresses. one has a drop sleeve; one has a slit sleeve; one has halter neck; one is the classic little black dress; one touches the floor; one lifts just a bit to show my pretty sandals; one has netted sleeves; one has a big black bow on the back; one has pannelling; one has flannelling; one has an empire cut; one has a broad black elastic belt and the latest one is another little black dress acquired on my birthday a month back – and not so little really.

being petite might sound very feminine and cool but not really if you have to stick to black to hide your bulging curves.

i like to wear the purples, magentas and oranges with a royal splash of every other bright hue from another spectrum that will contradict these 3 and make them look grander than they will on their own. no i am not a punk. just a bit bohemian - with a love for brighter colours please!

i wish to learn the world's best recipes… i do make some of them just as good as they originally taste but only occasionally, frankly, most of the time i don't use all ingredients they mention. sigh! of course i do a lot of crazy homework… like when i look at a new recipe i try and look at the population who eats them… why they ate it the way they ate… e.g.: if it is the banger's mash favourite of the truckers in UK countryside… their size/make will stop me from using that extra dollop of sour cream the recipe mentioned… of course my puny frame does need that extra cream! and thus i deduce a measurement fit for me! etc…

the story continues...


leah said...

loveeeee this 1

bluvian said...

tks leah :)