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Thursday, 5 January 2012

indian, italian - blu blu :)

just found out that there is not just one blu that is me but also a popular graffiti artist from italy. i am sure the other blu is one with a large heart as large as his works on the streets, buildings etc.

tday i have reworked on my new brush signature which is a creative use of 5'u's in loops. will post the picture soon. it looks close to the symbol for om. in bluvian eyes it also looks like 'Bcc' that you see in mails. or like a pregnant woman with one toddler in her hand and two small children by her side. or an old man with a walking stick braving strong winds. or rain drops hitting the ground.

cant wait to make a new painting and put the new blu there. rt now it sits stuck on a stick-it on my ofc pc ;)

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