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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us...

plagiarism is a form of cheating because it's stealing another person's ideas. it is the deliberate or reckless representation of another's words, thoughts, or ideas as one's own without attribution in connection.

recently i read a blog by a friend who has surprisingly reworked 'intro/about me' from my website without my permission.

imitation is the highest form of flattery so even when i was surprised as i read, i felt happy that my intro has actually inspired someone. that it is being adopted/adapted to fill similar characteristics the friend wanted to share about himself to his readers.

not everyone is original or comprehensive and that is pardonable i think. Trust me I felt like a star – someone famous, someone imitable. my question is should i feel betrayed or fooled or offended?

i wouldn’t want to charge anyone of plagiarism/copyright even if they copied my articles, paintings, photographs, personal style of executing things but many of my friends do not think like i do.

some continue to call me a fool for not taking such things seriously. but my question is why should i really bother? how long can someone stalk me and get false gratification on what he/she feels is 'closely similar to' and may not be in all probability? how does it bother me if he copied me and got some credit? should it simply make me happy that i am good to be copied - actually? [like a star – a blu one? ;)]

i understand copying as a bad habit but it doesn’t steal my talent from me cos my skills are my own - they are original, ever-evolving and deep-seated in a perennial well of thoughts and experiments - they will never finish or vanish even when i may be done with my part of living and expressing them. most importantly i am confident of myself – if not a bit too over-confident or foolishly fearless as mom would like to say. the thing is that somebody's odd habit doesn make me any lesser any way. no?

but i feel the blogger friend could have asked me before he copied this because my intro was not written by me. it was a testimonial by a senior art critic who ‘was’ a close friend. unfortunately the same person who brought this to my notice. his ‘last words’ were - ‘no one can be you. understand and appreciate that first even when you are foolishly large hearted to accept people taking disadvantage of your proximity/access/talent’

i think i lost this friend for good as he would not take my calls now. i must have offended him someway/ may be a great deal – i feel. is it a good thing that someone is upset on your behalf? does it mean he really cared for me? does it mean you must acknowledge his expertise and salute his patience to put up with you - i mean ‘foolish large hearted self’? i am unable to imitate this passive aggression by my critic friend to the blogger friend for having ‘technically offended me’.

i will miss my critic friend for as long as he would keep silent but i wont let him know this cos it will be equivalent to agreeing on his criticism or accept how foolish i am actually!

and dear blogger friend, technically u are shot dead in my head but i will not tell you how dead you are ;)

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leah said...

i liked the last line a lot,:) but if someone cares so much to express what they think you should be expressing, dont you think its wrong to let them slip away.. distance and time, can often erase.. for me relations(friendship ) has been like sand dunes, its still sand all the time, but the wind blows, breaks and forms new dunes at new places and you never find the same sand dune again,, i dont know, maybe how i think is very immature, but just sharing hat i felt .. loved the article outlook to be considered cuz i would have blasted the person who copied,thus my love for the last line :P