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Friday, 30 December 2011

long time no see

yeah i have been somehow not blogging despite loving the idea of blog posting everything that i could now and then. the reason being facebook's status width - now more than before. so it was all getting posted there - on my wall. longest status messages thus belonged to me.

in this age and times of convergence i have failed to link my blogs to facebook and visa versa. its nothing but sheer laziness - i confess. and also the fact that these days due to persecution complex i hid my blog from public eye. this happened a month back when a close friend pointed out - "i enjoy your posts but you know something. am sure u will take it in the rt sense cos u are damn positive unlike me. i think it will do you more justice if u sub ur posts. just read at least once before posting cos u r a sub editor and pl might think u are a lousy one at that - whereas the truth is that you are so good at your work. you are the best on the floor. u actually deserve to be an editor. so why spoil your chances with unrevised blog posts. u know what i mean right?"

i did get her point. i thought i will deactivate my account n edit my posts. though the truth is that i dont relate to a sub editor's image/personality much. and i don envy an editor’s post that am denied for whatever reasons after 13 years of experience in my field. subbing is just a skill my job demands from me at this point and am pretty ok delivering the required without lobbying for a promotion. am not a tough bargainer. you can call me less ambitious if that is what you understand from this. i love my job's creative inter junctions that let me think, create and evolve.

i am blu. i have bluvian thoughts and imagination – and they are ever evolving. if i sit and edit me or modify me then i become someone else.

when i read my first post. i feel silly. but it makes me happy to know i can feel silly only cos i have evolved from that blu to this blu. the question is that should everyone see my learning curve and essentially feel what i feel for myself. that is what persecution complex is all about anyway.

the reason y i was away from 'blu is the world' is none other. this reason also applied to why i have lately not made a conscious attempt to bond with a lot of people i feel don deserve the extra attention i shower out of habit. yeah - that was a wicked take - i am not sorry about that.

its a new year round the corner.

i have reasons to get on with newer thoughts/habits – and simply be the blu that i am – ever evolving!

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