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Thursday, 8 September 2011

shamefully in a far away land

back from lulu after onasadya shopping - we both have almost become experts in lifting heavy weights now.

random thoughts on how much one can carry took me back in time to remember our porters serving good old indian railways.

i have this very vivid memory of this railway porter while boarding from jaipur to delhi after a vaccation. he not only balanced all our baggage that had delicate decor items but also a heavy 'ammikallu' - the stone to grind chutney.

we wr late to reach the station. he climbed stairs, bridges and almost ran in the right direction with all of us 'almost empty handeds in comparison' gasping to catch his pace as he leapt towards the right compartment.

i was a 7th grader then and could never imagine a human could bear so much weight on his head and still salute u when u paid sm megre extra tip - poverty or whatever else - i feel terrible for porters and rikshaw pullers...

shamefully have closed my eyes to all that in a faraway land.

and i dont think we deserve to whine any bit abt elbowing fellow onam-frenzy shoppers in an air conditioned shopping mall., or carrying bags from the lift to the apartment ...

sigh! happy onam!

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