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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

product review_ high-definition by makeup forever

This was written last year for a magazine that has now moved to another department. so the write up is now bloggable ;)

High-definition makeup in 10-minutes was the objective of a makeover session by Makeup Forever.

What is high-definition makeup?

“It is simple. It is the difference that you have in the clarity of a picture clicked in a regular camera and a high definition one. To be more specific, the high-definition makeup makes you look fantastic on high-definition cameras that magnify every detail so many more times than the regular cam does. It is like you have your face already ‘photoshoped’ to natural perfection. You won’t look made-up to the naked eye and/or in pictures,” says Sam who has worked with A-listers from Hollywood, Bollywood and Moulin Rogue.

HD Complexion range was originally created to make actors’ complexions look flawless under the 6x magnification of high definition cameras. High performance formula create a new generation of makeup that perfects skin for extreme close-ups on camera while meeting the needs of real life women facing everyday lighting.

Sam wiped Priya’s face clean with Makeup Forever’s cleanser, following it up with its alcohol-free toner and explained that it is very important to clean the skin before applying any makeup. “In the high-definition range we start with the serum, then the tinted-primer, follow it up with foundation and powder which all blends together to form a thin film… like you have a perfect new layer of skin altogether,” said Sam.

Foundation, powder and concealer can be used in any order, as finally it will all blend with each other and form just one unified and light layer. “Like second skin.”

Sam explained the use and advantage of every product that was being applied on Priya’s face. Adding that, “It takes just 10 minutes and you are ready.’

The HD make-up programme has three 3 steps.

Step 1: Primer

HD Elixir, Instant Radiance and Hydration Serum

Sam passed the Makeup Forever’s very soft-bristled brush to all of us to take a closer look. “It doesn’t scrape or leave lines/marks of the strokes,” he said. He applied HD Elixir, a transparent serum on parts of the face that were more lined or dehydrated such as around the eyes to correct fine lines and puffiness. He explained, “You can apply it over the entire face to reduce signs of fatigue and dehydration. This serum will optimise the makeup result.” “I can already feel it working. My skin feels nice and light,” said Priya. HD Elixir is followed by HD Primer, Microperfecting Primer Sam said that the primer he was applying on Priya’s face was developed using colourimetric theories to reduce, grey-ness or redness. “I am applying the green-tinted primer on this red pimple here, it will be camouflaged to a smooth and even appearance,” he said. HD Primer softens and moisturises the skin, making it suppler, smoother and perfectly prepared for the application of makeup. The tinted primers transparently correct the skin’s natural colorimetry.

Step 2: Cover

“You need to apply only a small amount of HD Foundation,” said Sam. The bottle had a push mechanism lid which ensured the content inside it contamination free and as you use less, the product lasts longer. “With concentrated pigments, the foundation hides imperfections while ensuring a natural look,” said Sam.

Now it was time to apply the HD Concealer to camouflage fine lines and puffiness under the eyes and to correct other imperfections. Sam applied the concealer using a brush, which was then dabbed with sponge and then used his fingers to blend it in to the foundation. It was interesting to note that Makeup Forever’s angular sponge was customised to comfortably reach tricky the corners of your eye and flawlessly blend in the concealer and primer.

Step 3: Finish

HD Blush - Microfinish Cream Blush

According to the shape of the face and the desired effect, the HD Blush can be applied in several ways. For a fashion effect, apply HD blush in a circular movement using brush #55N. To emphasise the natural shape of the cheek, apply HD Blush as a comma using brush #25N. For a more intense effect, apply HD blush using the HD sponge. HD Blush is available in more than 8 shades.

The final step is to apply the HD Powder for a glowing and flawless complexion. Its ultra-fine texture is ideal for setting the foundation, giving the skin a velvety finish with no visible buildup. “Dust the powder off and use soft round strokes to lightly apply it all over,” said Sam. He explains that the power consists of perfectly round micro granules of silica which does not scar the skin and leaves it glowing under daylight.

Sam’s 10 best

1. Applying mascara – always keep a mirror on the table and apply the mascara from inside-out… across the length of the lashes as well as lids.

2. Sponges - should be washed, dried and then used again, to avoid contamination

3. Night care – remove all make up and use rich moisturising cream before going to bed, to maintain a healthy skin.

4. Lipcare – Labella, which is easily available at petrol stations, is his favorite lip conditioner, while he is on the move. He asks never to apply Vaseline and go out in the sun, as it is known to darken the lips.

5. Correction - For a jaw-heavy/narrow-forehead face, Sam says the aim should be to attain an oval shape… so lighter colour should be applied on the forehead and darker colour on the jaw line to cut the width and give it an illusion of an oval shape.

6. Double duty – you can use your cream blush as your eye-shadow as well. You can use a thin brow brush to apply the cream eye kohl on your eye brows to re-define it better after powder cover.

7. Dull under eye – green- or violet-tinted invisible foundation should be applied here. This corrects the face’s colorometric differences to give an even tone.

8. Concealer – always use soft brushes with natural bristles and use dab-dab pattern than rub/stroke it in while blending in different products t avoid scaring the delicate skin as well as perfect finish.

9. Blusher – should be applied on the cheek bones to give you the illusion of a cheek bone – “make an ‘eight’ [a sleeping 8] on the cheek,” says Sam.

10. Serum - HD Elixir, Instant Radiance and Hydration Serum is rich in collagen and other skin-nutrients can be used regularly even when you do not want to apply make-up. It rejuvenates skin immediately while protecting the pores from grim and dirt. You can also mix the serum with your favourite sunscreen for daily wear.

Flip side...

This high-definition range does not offer any sun protection formulae, though it is loaded with skin nutrients and are targeted for women who would like to wear it regularly. The Makeup Forever team clarified that your regular sunscreen can be applied after of before the primer but then the makeup will not give the optimum effect that is expected out of the high-definition range.

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