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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

plastic clown masks

tday i am a bit fed up of the diabetic run of the 'o so sweet' nothings that are infesting corporate floors.

people have gone rotten, but their smiles fixed like on plastic clown masks.

want to ask them to get a life and get out of my face for godsake cos i am afraid my old fearless and foolish self that can come alive anytime and strip the masked ones off their false faces.

its a bad tendency i used to have. 'used to' cos i don qt remember any recent incident when i made someone go nuts because they wr faking so much that I was irritated and prompted to get it fixed for a minute. perhaps i have realised this is a bad habit. any habit is bad - no? osho says so.

not that i care for everything he says – especially on the ‘wholesome’ truth of free love etc. but osho makes a lot of sense most of the time and is entertainingly wise. i happened to read some of his explanations on popular topics other than 'carnal love/lust' and they wr really good.

ok, back to sugary sweet diabetics. i wish we could all sincerely just laugh from within, not simply fake it. i don’t agree that you can be true only when you get ‘wholesome' free love! if you ask me that bit is a bit of a crap.

my question is - what is the need to be a social butterfly when you really are not one. if its tires you to laugh or smile - keep a grim face and be happy about it. no?

it is understandable that as humans we all seek attention one way or the other – there is no escape – but y fake the stuff!?

don’t we all have something real and naturally nice to show or be happy abt?

some time back, i mean a decade back when i was a reporter on delhi's streets - i was worried of the lack of courtesy of familiar strangers - especially those rude drivers who wr licenced to drive autos and public buses etc... and tday its a bit over the top.... overwhelmingly suffocating false smiles.

imagine the bitter chocolate without the bitterness and the sour curd without the sourness... how good is it then. i would call it lack of true character or simply identity crisis.

rt now i wish to stand on my desk and flash a finger - but then just tday i read in the papers 'how offensive' this crime of a gesture it is in the UAE! Sigh – I miss delhi – yet again!

so many of us aren't sure what we're meant to do - simply doing what others are doing because we feel we don't have enough ideas or even enough strength of our own - is sad. as i realise growing up has nothing to do with the number of years old you are, i also understand a thing or two on wholeheartedness - that which is missing in our exhausted lives.

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