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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

nose up in the air

its not winter yet but i am wearing a jacket as i am already feeling too cold.

a fluvian reason clouds bluvian thoughts today but they are not preventing the fingers from tap dancing on the keyboard to let the stuff flow - unblocked just like the runny nose.

i have a unique reason for having my nose up in the air for the day. not a very proud reason but a rather self-found and silly technique to avert a gross disaster – to slowdown the running droplets from reaching the tip of the nose from where it is free to land anywhere they feel like.

the flu has got me really pale with a bright red nose - just like the one rudolph must have had to guide santa through xmas nights.

anyone who thinks this sick look and posture is what perhaps make the latest ‘it’ fall winter look and thinks of applying rose powder to nose tips, paler foundations on the cheeks or want to imitate my deceptively graceful ‘up in the air nose’ posture of the day - please be assured that i would not be able to spare myself from not scoffing at bird head like actions.

but if you are also suffering a flu like i do and have a work set up like mine wr u may have to come in popping in some pills to sit upright and get the day’s work done – i may consider sparing your blindsides ;)

my colleague’s organic tulsi chai is really good. feeling better already.

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