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Monday, 19 September 2011

no free lunches

i met someone who shall not be named as yet in my blog. all i can say is that he is a potentially important contact who can help my creative wings spread wider. our hour-long chat reminded me of many things i had not thought of in as much clarity before meeting him.

some of them are here:

1. anyone who is interested in you is looking at best bargains. if you are a control freak have a list of his best bargains without letting him get there indirectly/unnecessarily. there is nothing like offer only what you need to. that doesn’t help create the overall impact of a potential team.

2. a first meeting is a first meeting. people are constantly judging each other on what one can offer the other - temperament, easy to handleness, clarity in communication. ur worldly wiseness is more significant than your professional credibility list.

3. it is only your doubts that can get you down. if there is no doubt in your mind there is no way any conversation can fail its objective. but its difficult to weed out doubt - read point 2 again.

4. everything has a significance even if it may be just a small pebble on your growth curve. the thing is its important to see the curve - as the one that is growing to your benefit.

5. money is contagious. we like to earn more and spend wisely. this is the only equation in context when someone may be wanting to spend money for you. a sponsor or an employer is thus very similar.

6. good things come for free. is a wrong statement. there are no free lunches. even if it may look like someone is spending on your behalf don’t forget its ur time that you have decided to spend at the lunch with him. time is money. if u don’t value it u have no true value. now i understand y people pretend to be busy even if they can be easily available. its the fear of being taken as less-important or the need to satisfy their ego of being some one important that they are urged to do so.

there was no immediate outcome of the meeting, but we had a good one so to say :)

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