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Sunday, 18 September 2011

mind, body and bank balance...

there is a new photography club that deepak and i wr looking at joining this weekend - one by emirates aviation college in dubai. we are just like any couple here in the emirates who work and live a heavily planned/revised unblvbly monotonous weekdays and weekends. this is my not-so-necessary justification for those who think we are wasting our lives by not following their principles.

we try to aim at making the most of every hour that is hard to take out from our demanding routines. i have seen that photography is a hobby that helps you freeze/beat time ;). both of us share the idea with equal passion or madness. i believe it lets you archive memories of interesting things, while deepak is constantly pointing at things that he should have shot if we were carrying the camera to/fro work.

extreme situations get you think of unique options/solutions perhaps. we believe there is no point counting the number of hours spent at work, or lack of proper medical insurance coverage by the employer, or insensitive corporate policies that do not support women's health or child rearing while keeping a career, lack of career growth in the chosen job... lack of anything else that is an immediate cringe factor.

we want to do a few things before its time to regret and say 'o how we wish we did that then' - like learn arabic and french, go deep sea diving, do a complete photography course and travel far and near.

as one step at a time is the only way to go about it. we have begun - 5years back.

among the many misses that we can cry about there are a few we can happily count - 16 countries, swimming safe in the deep end, acquiring a dslr... and this is not our bucket list - that is another long one - too personal to blog about :)

having realised 'there is always time no matter how busy i may be'... have got some clarity on personal priorities. i have understood that it is a waste of time to please others at teh risk of having to remove my explorer's shoes.

when somebody cribs of lack of time i understand what they actually mean to say is - lack of true interest or urge or lack of other not-so-easy-to generalise non-mentionable.

as they say if it is the process that needs to be the happy one then we need to keep fitter - in the body, mind and bank balance as well.

wr are my dumbbells!

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