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Saturday, 3 September 2011

life and times

last night i met an old friend. we exchange world views the same way we did years back in a campus, in a town - we both were new to.

then yesterday when we met again, we wr far away in a different country, but wr sharing the world views almost the way we did back then.

its amazing to note that we don't stop defining life - that is new and old at the same time.

i have figured out why its important to socialise. and have a mixed milieu of friends. each one of them are unique and they shape your life uniquely by being just the way they are. their world views and experiences might not be great but to be alive in itself is simply a miracle - no? am sure not everyone would agree on that. but i do - to a large extent. and i guess greatness is just badly defined in the dictionary.

and... some friends are forever - even if world views change, they fall apart on certain stands, are uniquely n unblvbly different etc... some people just fuse together as life long buddies... nothing u can do abt that... i guess. and its a good thing.

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