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Saturday, 17 September 2011

fair weather friends

they come when you are able and they scoff when you are not. they are not true companions. they are not self oriented but selfish. they don’t have anything to give but take. they come to rob your time, peace and everything else that you may have showed off without realising how things would take a turn later on.

they need you all the time and are highly sensitive to their feelings, not necessarily yours. and only whne they need you, you must spring in to action no matter how disinterested/busy you may be.

they are wary of your other associations. they don’t wish you make many friends, cos that can rob them of their time with you. the time, that is so precious and must be manipulated to their use.

there are plenty of reasons that keep them upset, so you cannot but behave 'appropriately'. and fewer days they will seem in a happy mood, cos those will days when you may feel a bit pulled down.

they are not true friends.

they are opportunists.

there are no sure ways to keep them at bay. but perhaps keeping them at bay is the surest way to save your soul.

a long drawn face is nobody's charm, but if you cannot draw a smile when this so-called friend who is 'sad', remember their long-drawn expression can be yours very soon.

i have a few of them in my list - never happy and expecting me to do things that i do out of courtesy as their right. i have a tamed temper but i am worried when the lion will be out of the den to send these weaklings run for their lives.

inefficiency is a plague that you cannot avoid especially among close others. when intelligent manipulators behave like retards to get your sympathy and run the show just as they designed it to take off, you must stand up and show them the path they must take and not end up dancing to their tunes.

who is going to tell them they need to simply empower themselves than get used to buying my time and self!

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