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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

alpine arch-eye-brow

while having a chat about a profile picture, my sister and i had this interesting chat.

the picture had someone adorning a pair of not-so-natural and alpine arch-brow. which gave the person a very edgy look.

as it was a teenager, we thought as much - that she is probably not even aware how she looks anyway. in the teens we do so many things to look all grown up and important, we don’t really realise how we actually end up looking eventually. today’s teens are just like teens yesterday – they don’t listen or care and are hugely bored to find everything un natural quite interesting! being rebellious is their reason to life.

when the brow is not so arched - it gives us a 'help me' look. very stupid and profound observation indeed! what else are daily chats meant to achieve anyway!

it is funny that today i happened to see at least three people, surely not in their teens, with fake eyebrows – tattooed ones. horr-orr-ible - if you ask me.

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