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Saturday, 17 September 2011

10 minutes, 10 years - book review

10 minutes, 10 years – Dr. Fredric Brandt [your definitive guide to a beautiful and youthful appearance]

If ‘Oh my God, I’m old! I look so bad’ … are thoughts that run across your mind when you look at the mirror, then you are not alone. Dr. Fredric Brandt, renowned cosmetic dermatologist, offers a breakthrough skin-care programme that says it will take you only ten minutes a day to reverse your skin’s aging process by ten years. The book is uniquely designed in a problem-solution-driven guidebook format that reveals many unknown threats to the skin which age it before its time – such as sugar and diet.

The book has three parts of categorised information - from lifestyles, habits and traditional versus contemporary skin-care regimes to a seven-day diet plan followed by a very useful glossary.

In its Part I the book discusses the ‘s-factors’ - skin, sun and sugar. Criticising sun for being the party-pooper for glorious skin, Dr. Brandt elaborates its ills and says how wrongly phrases such as ‘let the sun come in’ or ‘soak up some sun’ are used. He does not miss the opportunity to say how the smoker in the sun doubles his/her chances of looking older along with acquiring harsher features and pigmented-dull skin, and warns that the long-term damage is almost irreversible. Dr. Brandt is all for the anti-tan revolution. He asks readers to be all geared against the sun and embrace the brighter side of pale skin.

Part II has a comprehensive list of the best products, treatments and procedures available. With so many new products on the isle it is difficult to choose what is best for your skin. Dr. Brandt cuts through the information overload with warmth and humour to provide concrete knowledge and advice. He explains who to go to and who not to go to as well as what to ask. In practice for more than 20 years, Dr. Brandt is known to be the largest user of injectible collagen and Botox in the world and the pioneer of the ‘neck-lift,’ a non-surgical anti-aging procedure. The book helps understand directly from the horse’s mouth on the basics of skin’s ageing factors, realistic remedies and the latest best on skin care. The section offers every precise information that we all must know for the sake of our skin and before choosing the right skin-care.

Part III is where the ‘10 minutes/ 10 years solution system’ is explained in different chapters. If you find yourself putting together an anti-aging game plan, and especially if you are thinking of going under the knife, but hoping you won’t have to, this section gives you specific information about how to prevent as well as get rid of the bags under your eyes or those deepening furrows of your brow. The chapters in this section are named appropriately to cover each specific worry - wrinkles, pigmentation, loss of radiance, enlarged pores, eye brows, eyes, nose, fall of the mid face, lips, chin, jaw line, neck, ears, hands, hair loss on the scalp, hair growth on the face, redness and adult acne.

Startling facts and revolutionary scientific procedures including injectible acid fillers, Botox and collagen are followed by good food and recipes - a detox formulae for your ageless skin. This was the most exciting section for me as a reader. Dr. Brandt’s diet is a week’s worth which you can keep for longer if you wish to. Interesting to note that diet has no diary products, and has rice milk accompanying morning cereals. Millet seems to be the doc’s favourite breakfast cereal/bread recommendation. Other ingredients for the Dr. Brandt’s unique detox-diet include easily the available blueberries, almonds, pistachios, black beans, kidney beans, sunflower seeds, salmon as well as quinoa, asparagus and kele.

Dr. Brandt’s cleansing diet-plan is followed by a glossary on food/ingredients and how they affect your skin. The diet is a careful balance of benefits and flavours; with easy recipes (easier for non-vegetarians to follow).

Get all that information and get on that exciting diet plan asap… and smile confidently at your mirror and you might just hear back that ‘you are the prettiest of them all’.

The book is available at Magrudy’s.

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