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Monday, 29 August 2011

a leap of faith or a dire need?

shamefully once again… its been a few months since i blogged last. and for a long time i have been wondering why they show me an arabic interface to login... today i have found my way around it gladly!

a foreign language and rotten excuses sometimes slow you down. and sometimes slowing down is all you need :)

i love using translator books in china [sigh! whenever am i going to go there is a big question].

like the many pending places on my most-wanted-to-go places, china still reigns on the top slot for more than 20 years now. japan is close on its heels - with 18-years of longing. then are machu picchu in peru and ouro preto in brazil. after about 35 more must-wanted-to-go paces i have just now added the barrier reef in australia.

last weekend, started watching richard attenborough's nature series. filmed in 1979, it shows underwater marvels from the great barrier reef. I wonder if its all so great - so blue and so green - even today. i mean 32 yrs since it was filmed by attenborough.

now, i don’t want to be too hurriedly ambitious of being able to dive into the depths with hubby in our next vaccation, because he has just begun to take swimming lessons. but i do wish we are able to jump into the deep blue seas – soon :)

he loves mauritius even when i have detailed him of our own adaman's great beaches and underwater sights. probably i will push the barrier reef further down the list to accommodate mauritius earlier. never so much more excited than when i talk of travel plans. and all the crap around it.

i love to travel and dream, dream to travel and travel while dreaming. to survive this habit unharmed in a wild wild world, its important that lost creatures like myself have a strong and vigilant hubby around. [the truth is i was least bothered abt having anyone around when i made the many backpack trips b4 tieing the knot]. the knot is also a sweet speed breaker - yes, it does slow you down - may be for good [who knows].

hubby dear swim faster, and learn to dive deeper from your iranian-hunk swimming instructor... can't wait to jump with you and see the blue wonder - down under ;)