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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

resting while flamingos do the flamenco

so it was jan when i last blogged... i donno how so many months crept in between... even when i was sure i must not stop blogging. sigh!
anyway a short break at the flamingo resort was the last time i was away from home on a weekend. tday am stranded at home - supposed to be just resting cos i have a bad neck. but call it a bad habit - i cant rest - i feel i am dead.
so i got up in the morning had my breakfast and then made up my mind to rest. how on earth? it was a precious day off from work. how can i waste it?
i came online and found siblings, had a short chat, short cos they told me off for being in front of the pc with a broken neck. ok, let me stop exaggerating it. its a painful spondylosis - not any fracture. the swelling is bad and painful. if i dont rest it can be fatal... and i hate being a bulldog - that is how you look when you wear a collar.
so while signing off from the chat, sister asked about most elegant dance forms that she could sketch for her design school entry... i think flamenco is unusally great!
wish i could stand up and walk and run and swim... flamenco today seems a little far away :).
there is laundry to do... deadlines at work... and am forced to just think abt them and stress unnecassarily. i think i should put some flamenco music online and chill off dancing in my mind. perhaps i need this break badly... and perhaps i am not fully aware how badly i need it. all i know is that it will be great to turn right and left without making awkward postures like how am doing today. so let me go n try and rest - for a real flamenco someday soon.

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