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Saturday, 22 January 2011

a spring clean find this winter

long long ago i was almost blind... yes quiet literally without aid - glasses i mean. the blog below was written to be poseted long bk but got tucked under for reasons only god will know [cos back then i had not started eating almonds regularly - poor memory. lol!] . so this was an entry before i corrected myopia with the help of surgery - in november 2007. and i find it hillarious... those days when i could see little. thankfully today am seeing fine. i am technically not so short sighted - if i may say that please.

so here is that old rambling that i found while spring cleaning my docs today.

"the day i forgot my spectacles at home was quite an eye opener. for once i realised that i am not just simply blind but i am 'as blind as a bat'. i would not know whom to smile to when i entered the floor. i am highly myopic, so all that i could make out were wavering images. no clarity at all. i could not make out if someone was smiling or winking at me. i waved to a colleague who was waving to someone else. i realised this as he crossed me and stuck a conversation with the one who was eagerly waving to.

a colleague who saw me inching closer to me computer screen said an other inch and i would be sucked into the computer. he probably thought i was so much more engaged in some interesting work that i am assigned. did he know i was struggling so hard?

to dial a number i had to stoop far beyond what others would do. my secret could not have been kept for long as i kept squinting my eye for a clearer picture. it was a lot of strain. i got a headache soon, which i fixed with a double duty coffee. but that was temporary. there was still a lot more hours to pass like this before the day came to a close.

i was left wondering how it will be if i were to walk out on the streets without spectacles. will i ever be able to flag down an empty cab? that is if i make out if that which is coming close to me is a cab and not a private car with some wrong man in it.

myopia is a very common condition which many of us have. and it is generally fixed by wearing glasses. the fashion conscious wear contact lenses, as they can take a little more hassle to feel and look good. contacts are not for me. unless it is a special day or an attire with which glasses wont go. but i cant keep them for long. the very effort is a little more than a hassle. finally i end up convincing myself, what’s the big deal, who says i must wear contacts? i must just have the confidence - to be blind enough to the world!"

lol! and just a week ago i was almost offended by a new guy in the workplace... who did not acknowledge a greeting... i had totally forgotten those myopic days. sorry pal - i should have empathised better. but i guess it is a good idea to get the vision fixed. no better joy... o boy!

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