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Sunday, 30 January 2011

letting my thoughts fly

there are plenty of reasons why i blog. today i have an unusual reason. i have got a headache. and a story to tell. i really have little idea what the story will be like. i am not sure how many of its layers i have been able to define so far.

i rcvd a mail fwd in the morning. it was defining a 'hater'. and was supposedly written by america's prominent poet mary angleou. she is one of my favourites too - so unlike scrolling down to find if this one also comes with a 'please fwd this to 8 of your friends' i read it closely. and it had a serious massage. it was warning us of haters and warning us of being one.

now the headache. that has little to do with the mary's [little lamb?] story.

it is the first day of my 'diet'. yes i too am on it. need to shed 5 kilos to get to my healthy bmi. did i ever know this day would come?

i was the skinny [lamb?] one at home. yeah, that was a long long time ago.

so why/what am i blogging exactly? guess it is just to remind myself that i am on a bloody diet - that lets me eat everything that is healthy. but if i do come unprepared to tackle a long day - with just 2 slices of low fat cheese and a bunch of grapes - i sure will have a stupid headache. wont i? what was i thinking?

all i can think are the gulab jamuns all the way from pakistan next to my desk. a colleague bk from vacation promises makki ki roti and saag tomorrow. what the hell am i thinking now?

i should let my thoughts fly to the flamingos i met yesterday. aha! i already feel better. so later then, on the feathered folks.

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