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Thursday, 27 January 2011

five years... inshallah!

2006 jan 26 is when we got married. it has been a good ride so far and i am guessing with little guessing that he completes me totally.

i am damn glad to have ran into him. wait! actually he ran into me - literally [without any bollywood ost in the background though!]
it was not so filmy if u delete the theatrics. it was an inter-religious wedding that took place in a church with few temple-goers attending it from my side. so you can call it a controversial one in a reserved set up. well not so reserved cos i was not asked to convert. thank god for let me keep my god! y am i turning to theatrics - i am not the most pious one. i just love the lamps, flowers and the idea that a supreme being is there. i am the least god fearing one... cos i love my god. i think he lives within me and that he is strong - very strong.

so it is five years... and as the priest had asked us... we made sure there is god and his presence felt in our lives - in our homes. not exactly through idols though. there r fewer weekly masses that we have missed... and fewer ritualistically used-to days that we havent observed - from both religions. deepu is a catholic and i am a hindu. but that has not made any great difference - we have both angels and gods looking after so well... in a land where every one says inshallah!
mabrook to us... inshallah!

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