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Saturday, 22 January 2011

another slice of me

today i have a special reason to blog. early today an old colleague came on chat and said that i must read her blog. she is very dear to me so i read with a 'dear eye'. and guess what. she had dedicated a para on me. was i happy or not? i did not knwo how to react. i wanted to say thanks but i said - omg! and i did not have words to say anything further. so i waded into another topic. yeah! there are days when i am embarrassed too.

well just a while ago, another, older colleague was on chat. she was looking fwd to create her own blog. and while we chatted i hesitantly... not so hesitantly... despite the not so perfect blog it is... shared the link with her. probably to just tell her in other words that there is no need to think so much to start a blog!? i donno sure enough what i was thinking. i shared the link. then i worried. y the hell did i do that. they r not clean enough. y do i need to project that i start n finish things in such a non-thinking fashion?
well guess what. she came back saying they r good! my blogs are good! and that i must just stick to my style - cos it is me. was i happy or not [yes that is a repetitive - i know!] sometimes u have to clap twice - to echo the fact that u gave another big chance for urself to be. just u. i mean just me.

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