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Wednesday, 29 December 2010

the last working day of 2010

today is the 30 - a thursday, the last working day in 2010.

yay! the best time to bid bye to the year's worklife blues ;). and why is this blog showing a day behind!? is it uk-timed? just incase you are thinking where i am based at the moment. it is dubai. and yes our weekend starts today. we have fridays and saturdays as opposed to saturdays and sundays as weekly offs in this part of the world. as i type this line, i neck over the screen of my computer and the gleaming burj khalifa. yes, am exactly located in the heart of dubai's buisnessy self that is the sheikh zayed road.

tday i have read two disturbing news articles. one that says that expats are a threat to uae's national identity [an old news given that it has been making rounds in our mail boxes from dec 26 onwards] and another one that asks whether 2011 see a war in the middle east because obama has not done enough between israel and iran.

world politics, local politics or office politics... its all very disturbing if you get your mind to it. as they say charity begins at home. i am guessing possibilities for a new beginning far away from all this.... guess it is a good idea to stop politics at home by being at home totally... carry the spirit to office... by being at home there for whatever while you may have to put up with politically worried souls. carry that spirit out into the malls and parks - to your locality. be at home even if a few people might want to remind you its their home more than it is yours [excuse me!]. and carry the same spirit anywr else you may travel... be at home. when u go there in the mind... u go there in the body... and visa versa... let us attract just the desirable good things into our lives. i also got an interesting mail from a friend who is from Philippines and she says they have a custom of keeping 7 round fruits on display on their dinning table on the new year's eve and hang a bunch of grapes on the door - these are good omens apparently. delightful at the thought of round fruits and a colourful platter... am going to take one good thought form her tradition and hang a bunch on my door tomorrow. :) new year deserves newer thoughts - i am opening my arms by driving home the homely thoughts in a home away from home.

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