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Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Healthy and happy oats puttu and steamed banana

The recipe is a simple one that you can dish out as dinner on a busy working night: take a cup of atta, a cup of oats, add some salt and freshly grated coconut and wet it it like any puttu. now chop a banana [the hard variety from kerala]. fill the cylindrical puttu steamer with layers of fresh coconut, puttu flour, chopped banana, some more puttu flour and fresh coconut. layer in the same order for a visually delightful cylindrical cake that it will be.... once steamed for 10 minutes.

this is like the most healthiest finds i have made so far. also the tastiest among the health-centric menu.

for my hubby who likes non-veg, i fried a few pieces of soft chicken sausages [vienna]... and he was more than happy.

am not going to pen a line that sounds like we must have both what we like and what is healthy to feel satiated. but i guess this line merits its existence here. i feel grated coconut and banana makes me feel happy anyway... so this healthy find is a happy find!

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