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Saturday, 25 December 2010

floating ptc... merry xmas and all

it was always a wish. to give my ptc - piece to camera - even during those days i was sent off chasing the frenzied cricket fans in mumbai while working as a journalist in star news - a 24 hr channel.

so when star came to cover me as an artist journo at my second solo in dilli. i was overjoyed at the changing times. previously ptcs helped me give my conclusion to the story that i must have just reported/presented. this time, it was different. tv makes you feel like you really have something worth the while to chat about. exactly! it makes u feel extra important.

was i lasking attention that i felt this way in front of the camera that was rolling!? i wasnt too sure. i can never be too sure of anything really. the reason why i am gliding like a cloud... or floating on a pool. so susceptible to change. unresisting. mind bogglingly unresisting.

and what was that i said? it included things like : we must all exress ourselves. find time with ourselves. while i am doing these [reference to the paintings in the back ground] i am actually finding that time - that time with myself." couldn’t i have said anything better!? i mean there were so many good things i had in mind. why did they choose just this out of the many i said.

hah! never mind. like amma says i should take myself a little more seriously and the talking to the media has to be well-drafted... perhaps the next time!?

hah! the next time.

i am in a very susceptible mood to be sarcastic today. after all that xmas partying last weekend - am back in form to bash myself up again after the extra binging that i have done. i am so damn susceptible to all this crap. time to change. time to think of a new year's resolution like ordinary people who live happy lives.


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