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Saturday, 25 December 2010

coal to newcastle

coals to Newcastle

ramu uncle was the man whom i was not very close to while growing up. he has a sweet smile but a very intellectual look that made me resist from talking too much 'to be corrected all the time' may be.

this time when i was in delhi, i met and spoke with ramu uncle and i felt he is such a great source of wisdom. i had good reasons to stop missing my maman, who was my only jocular relief to greater wisdom in life. maman is... god knows where in the world.

so ramuuncle and me got to exchange our view points on our favourite subjects that included my mom, his family and kids... art and life... partnership, job, cities, travelling. we exchanged so many thoughts and thus we are chain mail friends... who send atleast a mail everyday.

i have the habit of sending a tftd [thoughts for the day] to my close circle of friends [that include not-sp-strictly-close friends also ;)]. i send one thought from my thoughts calendar for the day and add another recent thought that i must have come across while reading an interview or some article somewhere.

ramu uncle was added to this list too. and it happened so that i found many wise lines from his mails to me. that i tftd-ied. and he thought that i was up to so some prank. frankly i was not.

when his lines changed to others many that i kept adding everyday... he realised it was just a harmless hobby i had. and then he said "he did not know he was carrying the coal to Newcastle". i guess it is the best complement i have got in the last 30 years of meagre existence.

i am laughing to myself already.

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