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Monday, 27 December 2010

the chase

it was a dream i saw last night. perhaps this should have been the last line of the blog to keep the suspense but that is not my objective of penning it down.

well, there is this sri lankan, tamil speaking family in the UK, some where. i am living with them holed up in a small. chawl-like room. its heavy winters [not that i saw snow outside]. the husband is the sleepy, obese sort. the daughter is a chirpy teenager who is a wanabe porn star. i am not kidding here, the mom and daughter are always talking of her next 'o so important' casting. they don’t speak of porn as porn, but I understand it anyway. i have a feeling they where talking to me also to give it a try. sheesh! i dont know how i managed to see/understand this part of the disgusting dream. well, so what happened was that, i decided to leave this sheepish, sleepy family and as luck would have it, i sneak out, saying i need to make a local call from the std-booth close by.

then i scuttle through the gallis [in the UK] and find this old artist friend of mine... who has a huge basement to herself to paint or sculpt etc.

this friend is also a teenager. mind you i am also a teenager [in the dream]. she knew i needed help. she helped me hide behind her canvases, just when we could hear her mom yell out for her. it was school time.

and then she left as we exchanged giggles [what the f***].

i could feel some elderly men coming for us. probably just me. they knew i was hiding somewhere there. they opened the door and searched every where. ofcourse they did not find me. i was cleverly hiding behind the canvas!

and when they left, i changed my hiding place. and just as i switched to this new place, they open the door again but i guess they did not see me again... i could faintly hear deepu saying - its already 6.45am... we have to hurry.

it was time to get out of the bed, do susu-potty, bathe and run.

and the day has begun. i have taken a whole-headed bath after 10-days of celebrating the wretched viral, that has left me sick-looking in my bday and xmas pics [so says my sis from Singapore].

the sun is bright and i can feel my chin melting [the chin has two old pimples or are they just zits!?]... the day is good...and thankfully so so better than the stupid cock and bull dream!

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