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Thursday, 23 December 2010

the buffet of life

just back in my seat after a sumptuous buffet at the neighbouring atrium. it costs just 25dh so a fresh lime juice with mint for 8dh doesn hurt anyway :). it is criminal to stay awake after a tummy full of yummy food. yes it is. yawn! and you cant even yawn at work - they say. to top it there is a mail from the hr saying that the december increment will be paid along with the january!? sigh! well so much for the hungry - what else can i say. like arun uncle says its best 'not to' say do think... and start the very chain process of getting the results of all that thought or action. inaction is the key word. inactivity, to be precise. an if u haven’t guessed it already - i am good at giving headlines... just that sometimes the stories doesn’t match up to the drama that is stirred in there :) lol

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