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Thursday, 23 December 2010

and am back!!!

That is always the case isn’t it? when you see something undone for a long time you just wonder whatever the hell you have been upto that it is not done. lol! here is the classic thought that comes to my mind aftre months of ignoring my blogging attempt that i thought i will always keep doing no matter what. ok enough of the rant that is old and almost repetitve when you compare my many posts where i have come back to say the same thing that i must keep writing no matter what. so here i am just a couple of days away from xmas. this year the xmas was special cos my sister was in town in the first week of this month as we put the xmas tree together after almost a decade. last year we were mourning the demise of my husband's grand mom who was so so dear. this month is also special cos i finally did the pending painting exhibition. i showcased 21 of my works in delhi's india habitat centre for four days. it is sort of an achievement - i have achieved plenty of pointers to work on. i have also made a new mature friendship with an odd person whom i never thought i must catch-up so often and on topics that where untouched for lack of attentive like minds previously. so merry as is the seoson... am merrily forgiving my lack of diligence to keep up regular blogging. the next post is gona be a poem. stay glued! :)

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