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Wednesday, 29 December 2010

the last working day of 2010

today is the 30 - a thursday, the last working day in 2010.

yay! the best time to bid bye to the year's worklife blues ;). and why is this blog showing a day behind!? is it uk-timed? just incase you are thinking where i am based at the moment. it is dubai. and yes our weekend starts today. we have fridays and saturdays as opposed to saturdays and sundays as weekly offs in this part of the world. as i type this line, i neck over the screen of my computer and the gleaming burj khalifa. yes, am exactly located in the heart of dubai's buisnessy self that is the sheikh zayed road.

tday i have read two disturbing news articles. one that says that expats are a threat to uae's national identity [an old news given that it has been making rounds in our mail boxes from dec 26 onwards] and another one that asks whether 2011 see a war in the middle east because obama has not done enough between israel and iran.

world politics, local politics or office politics... its all very disturbing if you get your mind to it. as they say charity begins at home. i am guessing possibilities for a new beginning far away from all this.... guess it is a good idea to stop politics at home by being at home totally... carry the spirit to office... by being at home there for whatever while you may have to put up with politically worried souls. carry that spirit out into the malls and parks - to your locality. be at home even if a few people might want to remind you its their home more than it is yours [excuse me!]. and carry the same spirit anywr else you may travel... be at home. when u go there in the mind... u go there in the body... and visa versa... let us attract just the desirable good things into our lives. i also got an interesting mail from a friend who is from Philippines and she says they have a custom of keeping 7 round fruits on display on their dinning table on the new year's eve and hang a bunch of grapes on the door - these are good omens apparently. delightful at the thought of round fruits and a colourful platter... am going to take one good thought form her tradition and hang a bunch on my door tomorrow. :) new year deserves newer thoughts - i am opening my arms by driving home the homely thoughts in a home away from home.

Healthy and happy oats puttu and steamed banana

The recipe is a simple one that you can dish out as dinner on a busy working night: take a cup of atta, a cup of oats, add some salt and freshly grated coconut and wet it it like any puttu. now chop a banana [the hard variety from kerala]. fill the cylindrical puttu steamer with layers of fresh coconut, puttu flour, chopped banana, some more puttu flour and fresh coconut. layer in the same order for a visually delightful cylindrical cake that it will be.... once steamed for 10 minutes.

this is like the most healthiest finds i have made so far. also the tastiest among the health-centric menu.

for my hubby who likes non-veg, i fried a few pieces of soft chicken sausages [vienna]... and he was more than happy.

am not going to pen a line that sounds like we must have both what we like and what is healthy to feel satiated. but i guess this line merits its existence here. i feel grated coconut and banana makes me feel happy anyway... so this healthy find is a happy find!

Monday, 27 December 2010

the chase

it was a dream i saw last night. perhaps this should have been the last line of the blog to keep the suspense but that is not my objective of penning it down.

well, there is this sri lankan, tamil speaking family in the UK, some where. i am living with them holed up in a small. chawl-like room. its heavy winters [not that i saw snow outside]. the husband is the sleepy, obese sort. the daughter is a chirpy teenager who is a wanabe porn star. i am not kidding here, the mom and daughter are always talking of her next 'o so important' casting. they don’t speak of porn as porn, but I understand it anyway. i have a feeling they where talking to me also to give it a try. sheesh! i dont know how i managed to see/understand this part of the disgusting dream. well, so what happened was that, i decided to leave this sheepish, sleepy family and as luck would have it, i sneak out, saying i need to make a local call from the std-booth close by.

then i scuttle through the gallis [in the UK] and find this old artist friend of mine... who has a huge basement to herself to paint or sculpt etc.

this friend is also a teenager. mind you i am also a teenager [in the dream]. she knew i needed help. she helped me hide behind her canvases, just when we could hear her mom yell out for her. it was school time.

and then she left as we exchanged giggles [what the f***].

i could feel some elderly men coming for us. probably just me. they knew i was hiding somewhere there. they opened the door and searched every where. ofcourse they did not find me. i was cleverly hiding behind the canvas!

and when they left, i changed my hiding place. and just as i switched to this new place, they open the door again but i guess they did not see me again... i could faintly hear deepu saying - its already 6.45am... we have to hurry.

it was time to get out of the bed, do susu-potty, bathe and run.

and the day has begun. i have taken a whole-headed bath after 10-days of celebrating the wretched viral, that has left me sick-looking in my bday and xmas pics [so says my sis from Singapore].

the sun is bright and i can feel my chin melting [the chin has two old pimples or are they just zits!?]... the day is good...and thankfully so so better than the stupid cock and bull dream!

Saturday, 25 December 2010

coal to newcastle

coals to Newcastle

ramu uncle was the man whom i was not very close to while growing up. he has a sweet smile but a very intellectual look that made me resist from talking too much 'to be corrected all the time' may be.

this time when i was in delhi, i met and spoke with ramu uncle and i felt he is such a great source of wisdom. i had good reasons to stop missing my maman, who was my only jocular relief to greater wisdom in life. maman is... god knows where in the world.

so ramuuncle and me got to exchange our view points on our favourite subjects that included my mom, his family and kids... art and life... partnership, job, cities, travelling. we exchanged so many thoughts and thus we are chain mail friends... who send atleast a mail everyday.

i have the habit of sending a tftd [thoughts for the day] to my close circle of friends [that include not-sp-strictly-close friends also ;)]. i send one thought from my thoughts calendar for the day and add another recent thought that i must have come across while reading an interview or some article somewhere.

ramu uncle was added to this list too. and it happened so that i found many wise lines from his mails to me. that i tftd-ied. and he thought that i was up to so some prank. frankly i was not.

when his lines changed to others many that i kept adding everyday... he realised it was just a harmless hobby i had. and then he said "he did not know he was carrying the coal to Newcastle". i guess it is the best complement i have got in the last 30 years of meagre existence.

i am laughing to myself already.

floating ptc... merry xmas and all

it was always a wish. to give my ptc - piece to camera - even during those days i was sent off chasing the frenzied cricket fans in mumbai while working as a journalist in star news - a 24 hr channel.

so when star came to cover me as an artist journo at my second solo in dilli. i was overjoyed at the changing times. previously ptcs helped me give my conclusion to the story that i must have just reported/presented. this time, it was different. tv makes you feel like you really have something worth the while to chat about. exactly! it makes u feel extra important.

was i lasking attention that i felt this way in front of the camera that was rolling!? i wasnt too sure. i can never be too sure of anything really. the reason why i am gliding like a cloud... or floating on a pool. so susceptible to change. unresisting. mind bogglingly unresisting.

and what was that i said? it included things like : we must all exress ourselves. find time with ourselves. while i am doing these [reference to the paintings in the back ground] i am actually finding that time - that time with myself." couldn’t i have said anything better!? i mean there were so many good things i had in mind. why did they choose just this out of the many i said.

hah! never mind. like amma says i should take myself a little more seriously and the talking to the media has to be well-drafted... perhaps the next time!?

hah! the next time.

i am in a very susceptible mood to be sarcastic today. after all that xmas partying last weekend - am back in form to bash myself up again after the extra binging that i have done. i am so damn susceptible to all this crap. time to change. time to think of a new year's resolution like ordinary people who live happy lives.


Thursday, 23 December 2010

the buffet of life

just back in my seat after a sumptuous buffet at the neighbouring atrium. it costs just 25dh so a fresh lime juice with mint for 8dh doesn hurt anyway :). it is criminal to stay awake after a tummy full of yummy food. yes it is. yawn! and you cant even yawn at work - they say. to top it there is a mail from the hr saying that the december increment will be paid along with the january!? sigh! well so much for the hungry - what else can i say. like arun uncle says its best 'not to' say do think... and start the very chain process of getting the results of all that thought or action. inaction is the key word. inactivity, to be precise. an if u haven’t guessed it already - i am good at giving headlines... just that sometimes the stories doesn’t match up to the drama that is stirred in there :) lol

ask and it is given

what is there to ask?

and what is that that will be given?

the clouds glide through my window

the golden pothos have heart-shaped leaves

the xmas tree is plastic

the light on them blink bright

the sun is shining

the sand is gleaming bright

what are they asking for?

and what do they get in return?


and am back!!!

That is always the case isn’t it? when you see something undone for a long time you just wonder whatever the hell you have been upto that it is not done. lol! here is the classic thought that comes to my mind aftre months of ignoring my blogging attempt that i thought i will always keep doing no matter what. ok enough of the rant that is old and almost repetitve when you compare my many posts where i have come back to say the same thing that i must keep writing no matter what. so here i am just a couple of days away from xmas. this year the xmas was special cos my sister was in town in the first week of this month as we put the xmas tree together after almost a decade. last year we were mourning the demise of my husband's grand mom who was so so dear. this month is also special cos i finally did the pending painting exhibition. i showcased 21 of my works in delhi's india habitat centre for four days. it is sort of an achievement - i have achieved plenty of pointers to work on. i have also made a new mature friendship with an odd person whom i never thought i must catch-up so often and on topics that where untouched for lack of attentive like minds previously. so merry as is the seoson... am merrily forgiving my lack of diligence to keep up regular blogging. the next post is gona be a poem. stay glued! :)