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Saturday, 11 September 2010

underground authority

they r rockers from calcutta who performed on 'india has got talent' episode tday. i loved their stuff. they rapped into bollywood numbers but it totally made good and unique entertainment. india truly has got talent. the only thing i cant digest too well abt rappers is their obsession with the groin-centric steps... ever since mj put his hand there when he screamed... everyone does!!! like the judge mr sallu observed that it really felt like the 'stuff' will detach from between the legs and that is probably why they need to hold it from falling off!!!
anway hats off to their music. i loved it. i am sure they will do a good job if they keep their talent. unlike what most indians do when they join the regular rat race of making money, love... etc ;)

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

my pillars of sanity @ dilli meri jaan

its almost 10 days after i am back form my recent visit to dilli. and almost a month after i posted my last rambling. i am attempting to get over something that is offering me no resistence. its a funny feeling, only i should understand.
anyway i bought a few books while shopping at the new t3's explore... and amazingly i have chanced upon gurcharan das's latest wonder - the difficulty of being good. it really explains why flaws are perfect and how an imperfect world has a perfect reason to exist. am only 20 per cent through, and am loving it.
dilli this time has been wonderful. met up with my two best friends - my pillars of sanity...after a long time away from our husbands and current lives. we painted the city red, despite rains. all that common wealth realted digging was going on and there was bad traffic too... but there was no time for all that when the ladies got together...and there was no business but fun!
missing nidhi n amita eternally. when u meet u miss more. it is exactly like what they say - when u taste the good stuff u will want more... but i can hold the next break for a while now. cos i just had an awesome time.
my dilli is evergreen with my longing to be there again and again... growing green and deeper in me.