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Saturday, 7 August 2010

4 people who must blog

simi, vinu, mini, amita... are 4 people who must blog. they are open to expressions, life and comprehension... and thus they must.
must - because they will miss what they think, feel and hold right now... as life changes by the second. what they have shot off as a mail, a word doc or a picture album... can be lost... a blog can stay... i donno y i over estimate the scope of internet when my instincts say that u must blog than waste ur stuff here and there.
what is this stuff? it is purely life and thoughts. the most valuable... the most common. common sense is rare rt!? so, hence, therefore - just blog it ppl... my fav 4 who must blog. must must blog. i hav been telling em ... will keep telling em to start doing that. ya it is a bad habit to advice... but u can afford to be ur bad/stupid self to a few good all-time ppl... like the four i mention here. yes i mean it. i love the idea of promoting em... provoking em to stay as good as they promise as they are... its just a holy timepass i love to engage in when life sucks for a few second every hr! ;)


that is like to be able to float like a feather... or lay calm in the pool as the boyancy throws u up and down in its own ebb and flow as the wind decides. what i am haunted these days is qt evident from the title.... the ever increasing wt gain... it might seem like a big deal to know i weight a complete 60 kilos... to anyone else other than me... i was just abt 42 kilos most of my adulthood... being the thinnest in the house was much a worry to my maternal grand mother... she used to sneak in ghee into everything that i ate. and i used to hate eating those days. i thought it was a such a mundane chore to eat and then sit down to throw it out everyday in the morning. hmmm. those days are over. now i love the aroma of ghee and probably that explains being a complete 60!

am an artist and i love the idea of freedom so much that i philosphise everything arnd the idea of a life that is free... weightless... and thus be able to float in a dream... that result in some poem... a painting... or something more profound than that. i love the idea of being able to fly... in thoughts. they say if u r there in the mind then u will get there in the body. so will i get back to my lean self... if i imagine myself flying weightless?... that is debatable... cos finally we are all weightless... hindu life make it easier to rise out of the ashes and stay weightless... but i am actually talking abt getting back to leaner days. i wish i do... sincerely i do wish that. i do not like diets. i do not like falling sick... in otherwords i wish to get back to my best form - as simple and complicated as that sounds... in health and related happiness ;)... the 'eternal kick' that u get while browsing thru ur nice pics... i really miss that these days... though it is until recently i knew how to pose for a good picture... just that my figure isnt as flattering as it was when i was shot in my non-posy self. lol! life is such a miss... we grow and we miss! everydamn thing that was good is cherished when we barely have it anymore.

i think it is perfect to feel that way when u have gained as much as i have... on the weighing scale... or otherwise in this stupid life... which keeps me on a foolish hope that it will turn bright someday...hah!