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Monday, 26 July 2010


that is what we don’t have most of the time. that is what differentiates the ordinary from the extra ordinary. discipline is the reason why one can write everyday. it ie not mere interest or convenience but real discipline to sit and do that bit out of the way... as was thought.
i love to behave in an organised manner. nothing more annoying than an unorganised adult... i have thought many times. but i have many dear friends who doesn give a damn abt being organised in the self or their schedules but are gems to be with.
i think most organised ppl have some ocd or the other. i mean obsessive compulsive disorder... like cant stand that crease… cant stand that dirt… cant stand that some shabby nothing.. the list is endless.
i remember reading this article by some scientific feature agency saying that the most organised people/celebs including martha stewart wr those who also wr found guilty to organised scams.
well if u are organised u might as well organise the crime also well right? being organised is not a crime its actually a virtue…but i don’t understand why such biased studies on not-being organised be talked about by scientific journals. no wonder they say that even the devil can quote the bible. such is the world.
it is interesting to read that the ugly is the new pretty and red is the new black and so on…newspaper jargons have now been replaced by such amusing phrases. so perhaps being not organised is what is in fashion.
somebody who was told that he looks unkempt says that it is the way he likes it. so perhaps there is more to being unorganised…mmm much to catchup on that.

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