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Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Happy Thursday

Happy Thursday is such a phenomenon.

Like most of us who work all week long, I also restlessly wait for this one day. And here it is already 16.22pm on right edge of my screen on a Thursday evening truly giving me an unstoppable reason to smile about. It makes me happy to think about getting up late on Friday to do whatever I please at my own pace.

I am reminded of this witty, lazy and unemployed protagonist in a regional movie where he says that he is dying to find a job after which he will apply for a vacation and relax at home. I think we all are vacation starved all the time.

I cannot think of a single person, who hates the idea of taking a break. Ofcourse there are workaholics everywhere but am sure it is their secret ambition to take a break and run off somewhere and have fun.

It is truly a delight to wait for this much deserved weekend off – whether it is a day or two. I assume this excitement is also one of the main reasons that there are so many weekend getaway offers all over the place - despite recession which is believed to ruin holiday plans.

My friends who are homemakers are perhaps lucky to have all the time in the world. They even lose track of days as any day is as good as a Friday for them. But the hard-earned Friday is so special. There is nothing that sounds good during a working week when someone nudges ‘so what plans for weekend’.

This is perhaps one of the reasons why some people get very possessive of what they want to do on a Friday - their precious off-day.

I know of this friend of mine, put a revolver on her head, but she will never divulge her Friday plans. Crazy right! But then she so deserves it after a very hectic week with10-hour day shift from Sunday to Thursday. She is then in no mood to socialise or waste time on her precious Friday. I guess she must probably be sleeping her heart’s full.

The Happy Thursday phenomenon doesn’t apply fully to those of us on a weekend-shift job. But if you notice the happiness will be seen migrating to Monday, Sunday or Wednesday, whenever the company has slotted the week-off. If someone is really happy (without a hike in the salary or a promotion news) during a weekday, now you know it is his working week that is coming to a close. The other only reason for weekday cheer perhaps can be the thought of the fast approaching annual leave. How we all wait for it, all the time.

I love holidays anytime (as many times), but prefer the regular weekend than the annual vacation which makes you run all over your affairs back home and come back almost broke after all those extra holiday spending.

I seriously look forward to the coming of Thursday, from Sunday onwards. It is a delight to plan the coming weekend while you take a break at your desk. It helps you stay positive all week to do the job in hand with a cheer that is so weekend bound.

This Friday, should it be barbeque at the park or a swim in by the beach? The weather is so inviting to have fun outdoors, it is best to go out and have pure joy than spend my hard-earned money on that ad-driven free coupon for the second meal at a fancy restaurant. What say!? So what plans for the weekend?

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